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LongVehicle 01-22-14 11:00 AM

Disc brake adapters
I asked this before, but think any answers were lost in the mix... Thoughts and opinions on disc brake adapters for frames without disc brake mountings. I saw some through Busettii(???), but attempts to contact them have not been fruitful.The website seems to focus on electric assist bikes, so these may not even be what I think they are (the adapters).

Will these things hold up, especially under tandem loads?

twocicle 01-22-14 05:54 PM

IHMO, seems a tad sketchy for tandem use.

I would suggest reviewing if your frame has the necessary chainstay clearance required for a rotor. Most disc ready frames take that clearance into account by shaping the chainstay accordingly. Then, perhaps look at having the dropout replaced with one that includes a disc mount.

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