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Catnap 02-21-14 10:44 AM

Stoker Stem Convertable to Regular Stem?
Can you use a tandem stoker stem with a 28.6mm seatpost clamp as a regular stem on a threadless 1 1/8" fork? Unless I'm doing my math wrong, 28.6mm is very close to 1 1/8". So it seems like it would work, no?

i emailed the seller on eBay asking the same thing and they said it wouldn't work. I'm double checking here because i think the seller's wrong...

thanks for your help!

twocicle 02-21-14 02:51 PM

yes, there is no problem that it will not work ok ;)

steerer clamp size 28.6mm = 1 1/8". So, yes your stoker stem is 1 1/8" steerer compatible.

merlinextraligh 02-21-14 03:48 PM

Yes, but why would you? Adjustable stoker stems are boat anchors, and even at the minimum length are longer than most stems.

If you need a stem longer than 140mm, the bike may well not fit to start.

And if adjustability is the point, there are adjustable stems that would be better designed to do the job.

Chris_W 02-22-14 01:21 PM

I agree with the others, it will work, but why would you want to do it?

Bezalel 02-22-14 07:24 PM

A stoker stem does not need the bottom and top of the seat post clamp to be perpendicular to the seat post's axis so it is possible to construct a stoker stem that cannot be used on a steerer.

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