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DubT 02-22-14 04:34 PM

Schwalbe One tubeless update
I posted this same note under the heading "Good video on tubeless tires. I probably should have started a new thread.

We did actually get outside for a ride today, the temperature reached 44 and the wind was light out of the NE.

I have installed a Schwalbe One tubeless tire on the front wheel of our tandem, the rear wheel is equipped with a Schwalbe One tube type tire. The front is a 23 X 700 and the rear is a 25 X 700. I run 115 psi in the rear and 95 psi, in the front. The ride was excellent, it seemed very smooth and comfortable, however it has been right at two months since we rode outside so the thrill of being outside might have had something to do with it. We are going to be in Tulsa for a few days and the weather there will allow us to put more miles on the new One tires. So far so good. When the 25's are available I will convert the rear wheel to tubeless when the current tire wears out.

Here is what I said about the installation:

I received two Schwalbe One tubeless tires today, they are the 700 X 23 which is what I use on the front wheel of both bikes.

I installed one of the tires on a new HED 3 front wheel. In order to prepare the wheel for the tubeless tire I applied a liberal coat of high quality nail polish to the exposed aluminum surface and then applied a layer of electricians tape in order to protect the rim from the corrosive effects of the tire sealant.

The tire was very tight and I had to use a plastic tire lever to get it on the last few inches. I followed the instruction for installation that I found on the Schwalbe website but applied a light coating of Stan's sealant to the edges of the rim as advised by the LBS. There was air leakage around the valve stem initially but a little bit of tightening took care of that. The tire took air perfectly after I fixed the stem leakage and it is currently holding air. The tire looks good.

The total weight of the wheel is 176 grams heavier than an identical HED3 wheel that has a Schwalbe Ultremo ZX installed on it, same size 700 X 23. Some of the weight difference is in the tire, the tubeless weighed 316 grams on my scale, the valve stem at 9 grams and 60 grams of tire sealant. Significant weight gain, time will tell if this is the what I will stay with. The testimonies that I have read and the marketing hype says that it will be an improvement. We are heading for Tulsa on Monday and hope to get several miles on the bikes and the new wheel/tire while we are there.

It took right at 30 minutes to get the tire on, sealant installed, inflated and sealed. Getting the valve stem seated took a bit of time. The rim is 19 mm which made the stem a tight fit, on a wider rim it should be easier to install.

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