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LastKraftWagen 02-24-14 07:34 AM

Trp hy/rd?
Does anyone have experience with or thoughts on the TRP HY/RD mech-to-hydraulic calipers? I've seen both "for single bikes" [although, not "for single bikes only"] and "no weight limit" declarations, and at least one reputable tandem shop selling them with larger (203mm vs. 140-160mm) rotors. Read some fairly positive reviews with only minor complaints about lever throw and "it's not quite full hydraulic feel" rhetoric, but can't find any comments on tandem use/abuse.


mstyer 02-24-14 09:04 AM

I have some mounted on my Cannondale, but only about 25 miles with them so far. I used the Jagwire Racer XL cable and housing set and Avid G3 rotors. Overall, I'm pleased with their stopping power. Setup was a little tricky because of the lever throw issues you mentioned. I'm running SRAM Force 22 levers. The combination of the stock pads and the Avid rotors stop well, but they squeal like crazy when wet. I'd like to try different pads and some Shimano IceTech rotors this season.

LastKraftWagen 02-24-14 09:41 AM

Yeah, reviews report that levers like newer Shimano (more cable pull???) work a little better, but most reviews are from last year and TRP was rumored to be working on a "redesign" for the issue.

If you don't mind, are you running 140-160mm rotors (similar to what is supplied by TRP), or larger 203s?

Even with the limited miles you mentioned, any opinions on heat build-up with tandem kinetic energy?


mstyer 02-24-14 10:26 AM

203mm rotors, zero heat related issues.

akexpress 02-24-14 11:11 AM

Lots of good info on this thread regarding the Hy/Rd on tandems. We have quite a few miles on one with a number of issues particularly on very steep long descents in Europe. Basically in my opinion the return spring in the actuator is not strong enough to pull tandem length cables so the system does not refill and therefore does not compensate for pad wear on long descents and you end up with no brake at the bottom. I have talked to them at length about this issue. They are now using a different gasket in the reservoir and it is supposed to address this issue. They sent me one but I have not tested it yet. We did melt a ice tech rotor with it 203mm.

LastKraftWagen 02-24-14 03:32 PM

Thanks AKExpress, informative [and LONG!]. Interested in your opinions on the revisions when they get to the bike.


dwmckee 03-08-14 10:17 PM

I have several hundred miles on an original set of Hy/Rds (not the redesigned one). Riding a CoMotion single. Amazing power like you would want on a tandem and absolutely no fade compared to old BB7s. Amazingly smooth and maybe a bit grabby until you get used to them. Confidence inspiring. Running 160MM rotors. I loved the brakes until the pads wore a bit and they would not adjust for wear. If the redesign readjusts properly I think it would be an outstanding tandem brake though TPR does not yet rate it for tandem use.

robmitchell 03-09-14 04:08 PM


I had the same experience. It worked well at first but then no braking at the bottom of a long steep descent.

I put it on in August and used it for 8-10 rides and went back to the Avid BB7 mechanical. I e-mailed them a couple weeks ago to see if I could exchange or return and they told me NO. It only has a 90 day warranty and it was a set up/install issue. I had the mechanic call them after I had my first issues and they told him how to set it up but it did not change the performance. I wish I had sent it back right way but figured they would work with me since it was hardly used and there were known issues. Oh well, spend and learn. I will probably never buy anything from them again. I would have been satisfied with a new model to try or exchange at cost.


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