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plowhorse 02-28-14 06:43 PM

New Tandem Build - Would like input
Calfee Tetra with Thru Axle drop outs
Whiskey Carbon #9 road fork Thru Axle
Lightning Cranks 50/34
Gates Belt
Utegra DI2 11 spd 11/32
Dual Disc Brakes (probably the new Shimano Hydraulic Road, if not TRP Hy/RD)
Enve SES 3.4 carbon rims
White Ind Thru Axle Center Lock hubs 24 spoke
Thomson Masterpiece Post
Thomson Stem
Bars - not sure yet (both will be drop)

Based in the Pacific Northwest
Team Weight 300lbs
Tandem Use - Road Racing/Time Trialing/Team Rides/ Group Rides/ Supported Tours
Riding tandem for more than a decade

I would really appreciate some input on my current plan.

Thanks in advance,

JanMM 02-28-14 07:57 PM

Is 50-11 high enough for your intended uses?

akexpress 02-28-14 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by JanMM (Post 16536998)
Is 50-11 high enough for your intended uses?

The lightning cranks have interchangeable spiders so it is relatively simple to go to standard chainrings if you need larger gearing. I would recommend the new Shimano brakes as us and number of others have had issues with the TRP Hy/Rd for tandem usage. I played with the Shimano units at Interbike and power and modulation is far superior to the TRP unit. Calfee can do a very clean install of the Di2 including putting the front junction box in the stem for their " clean look install" They have a long track record with DI2.

plowhorse 02-28-14 11:19 PM

I agree that we may spin-out a 50 in a road race and or time trial, as JanMM stated, I can change out the rings easily on the lightning cranks... I am also hoping that Shimano brings out a 11 spd mtn group so I can run a larger cassette in the rear which will give me the ultimate gearing options.

akexpress 03-01-14 08:34 AM

You can get a 11-36 11 speed cassette right now through any Santana dealer. Bill McCready built some custom cassettes to Shimano specs in 11 speed. He had a complete 11-speed drive train at Interbike using the 11 speed cassette and K-edge rear derailleur modification and has even adapted Dura ace chainrings to his carbon cranks. He was able to match up the dura ace esthetics quite nicely. He is a running an 11-speed cassette body on the a set of spinergy wheels. It shifted very nice in the stand . He has been a strong proponent of Di2 since its inception. I am going to get a cassette body for my wheels, a cassette, an 11 speed derrailleur and move my k-edge cage and upgrade my system to 11 speed and all the rest of the components will work fine. you will need the K-edge cage for the rear derailleur if you want to run an 11-36 cassette as even the Gs cage version will only run an 11-34 at best according to Shimano tech reps.

plowhorse 03-01-14 08:41 AM

Thanks Akexpress, I didn't know Santana had an 11 spd option.

LastKraftWagen 03-01-14 12:49 PM

There was talk elsewhere in this forum (sorry, I can't link to it due to website and screen-reading software not playing nice) about the 12x142mm TAs, and something about being able to run a 10- or even 9-tooth cog on a 12x142 hub...Thoughts on adding this to the 36-11 cassette and reprogramming shifters for 11 speed? 50/10 would give a higher ratio than a 53/11 (and 53/9 would have you passing cars on the interstate).

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