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WPH 03-12-14 11:50 PM

Club racing singles-v-tandems in Canberra
I lived in Canberra for 6 years, started racing there but left in 2005. I really like Canberra and would love to go back there one day. The heart of the city is based on a design by Walter Burley-Griffin and features two parliament houses (old and new), the High Court, a bunch of important art galleries and museums, National Archives, National Library etc, National University, a lake and some excellent restaurants.

BF member Ironhanglider and his stoker John race in Canberra against the singles, sometimes another tandem or two. He has posted a few videos of the action here: ironhanglider - YouTube.

I have fond memories of giving my mate Marty a leadout for the B Grade win at Dairy Flat, a couple of podiums at Lookout Hill and my own win at Uriarra Homestead. The fancy bike-only racecourse used by the Vets in a couple of these videos is at Mt Stromlo, not yet built before I left to live in Adelaide. Construction of the circuit was made possible by the devastating bushfires of 2003 which burnt out extensive pine plantations at Stromlo and Deek's Corner and entered Canberra's suburbs in this area, destroying over 400 houses in one afternoon. (In my day we raced Wednesday afternoon crits on a four-corner circuit [goat track] at The Causeway, where I would try to get away out of turn 2 if there was an easterly headwind in a bid to hold off the sprinters [worked a couple of times too].)

Anyway, thanks Cameron for the videos and your comments at BNA, very helpful for me. My brother TRH raced a TT with me on the T200 here in Albany in January this year: excellent fun!

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