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mtn.cyclist 03-16-14 05:56 PM

Roof Rack Discussion
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I have recently purchased a "new style" Subaru Outback. It has a roof rack with rails that convert to side rails or cross rails. I attached my Yakima rails and Sidewinder rack. It seemed just a little more flimsy than I am used to. My gut feeling is that it will work fine but I wanted to see if anyone else has used this set up. Thanks!!

vrooom3440 03-16-14 11:59 PM

I cannot see how you hooked the Yakima cross bars to the Subaru rails?

However that said... I have the same car and picked up the Subaru specific rail fittings and bolt my Atoc tandem rack directly to the Subaru rails in the cross position. The Subaru rack mounts take a 5/16" bolt so I picked up some stainless steel allen bolts to provide a degree of anti-theft (I figure few theives will be carrying just the right sized allen wrench in their pocket). Works just fine and no problems at all.

I do mount the rack as far over to one side as I can... but that is as much for ease of loading and unloading the bike. It is quite a ways up there.

mtn.cyclist 03-17-14 09:32 AM

[QUOTE=vrooom3440;16584275]I cannot see how you hooked the Yakima cross bars to the Subaru rails?

I used Yak towers made for factory rails. They attach securly. My worry is the strength of the Subaru rails. Thanks!!

vrooom3440 03-17-14 12:10 PM

We have also mounted a basket direct to the Subaru rails as sold and supported by Subaru. Those factory cross bars are actually quite capable. They may seem a bit more flexible than many Yakima or Thule cross bars but that is different than not being strong enough.

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