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cvskates 03-17-14 11:38 AM

Vancouver Tandem Rentals
Not sure if should have posted this here, but, can someone recommend a bike shop in the Vancouver area that rents tandems?

The Mrs. and I are looking at a tandem, and figure we'd try it out before shelling out big $ to buy one.

vrooom3440 03-17-14 12:05 PM

Don't do it! ;)

That was how we started: we rented a tandem because my wife had always talked about riding one. And she liked it. Now we own one.

Sorry I cannot refer you to a shop up that way.

cvskates 03-17-14 12:18 PM

Vancouver Tandem Rentals
That's funny :)

Hopefully she does like it, I love touring and hope to get her into it.

badrad 03-17-14 12:40 PM

Most of the bike rental shops around Vancouver will have a few tandems available for rent. They do seem quite popular around the park. If you plan on being in the Denman area or biking stanley park, there are quite a few bike rental shops along Denman, and you could check out each place - all in easy walking distance of each other.

I'm quite partial to the Bike Friday Tandems Bike Friday - Custom folding and travel bicycles hand-crafted in Oregon. Foldable, and with the 20 inch wheels a lower step over might be easier for the missus.

myqlj 03-24-14 12:03 PM

Bayshore Rental
We rented from this shop on Denman St in Vancouver, which was very handy to Stanley Park. Economical, the bike was adequate. A very enjoyable ride around Stanley Park. You may also want to check out the shops at Granville Island. Rent a lock. Get them to help with fitting. You two can get an idea if you'll both enjoy it. Remember the cardinal rule: the stoker is always right.

john4789 03-25-14 06:16 PM

My wife and I were recently in Vancouver for my work with her tagging along. We typically rent bicycles to see the city when we travel. With this winter, we were out of practice riding a tandem and so got two half-bikes instead from the following shop:
Spokes Bicycle Rentals | The best way to see Vancouver
They were helpful, reasonable pricing, and had a couple tandems available. Best part is the location along the seawall trail. If you have not ridden a tandem this is the perfect riding condition to learn; slow and little or now stopping (some gates that force you to get off and walk). You can also ride on the Lions bridge and other locations.
I would recommend a tandem from this location if considering simply due to the good service and location. Have fun!

Team Fab 03-26-14 08:20 AM

There are 4 Bike rental shops on Denman between Robson and Georgia that have tandems outside. None of them are quality type but great for first timers.

There is direct access to Stanley Park from there. However, if you are avid cyclists already(or like to ride at more than a jogging pace) I would not necessarily recommend riding around the Stanley Park sea wall. Sections are now closed to cyclists(they direct you up to the road) and there are so many people on nice days it is just dangerous. Instead ride the sea wall in the other direction heading towards False Creek. Keep following the bike routes and you will end up on Granville Island. Much less stressful ride. Walk the Stanley Park sea wall if you have time.

Enjoy your time in Vancouver. PM me if you would like some more adventurous routes. Also, at Cambie and 16th is a tandem and recumbent shop, they may be able to hook you up with a higher quality rental but not sure.

merlinextraligh 03-26-14 08:33 AM

I'd look for the highest quality tandem you can find to rent, perhaps see if the tandem shop will let you demo something.

My wife's first impression of tandems was formed from low quality, overly flexy poorly maintained rental tandems, and she did not want to get a tandem.

Riding a decent tandem will be a different experience than riding a very low end tandem, which is unfortunately what you'll often find as a rental.

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