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JanMM 03-25-14 11:31 AM

Hey, look at .......................
Riding down the road past back yards of a subdivision the other day and heard a kid yell out "Hey, look at the two-bike!"
Hadn't heard that before.

jimmuller 03-26-14 10:18 AM

We once heard "Hey look, a two-wheel bike!"

Also "a bicycle made for two." (Why can't they get it right? :))

merlinextraligh 03-26-14 11:16 AM

Most common we hear from kids is double bike. Virtually every ride at least one kid will comment, positively about the bike.

waynesulak 03-26-14 11:22 AM

We get "cool bike" more than anything.

LastKraftWagen 03-26-14 11:29 AM

Not quite the same, but...

When I attended my first cycling club meeting (just after purchasing my $900 Trek something-or-other greenway tandem) I sat quietly hoping at the end to "shop" for pilots [blind with my adorable guide dog curled up at my side]. I had several (five or six) members ask "How fast does your dog run?" Of all the questions I've been asked about her, this was probably the oddest. Then, at the end of the meeting, I introduced myself and announced that I am always looking for tandem pilots. Another club member stepped up as we were leaving and said he was also going to ask how fast she could run because he had no idea how she could guide me while I was riding... for several meetings afterwards the running joke was me and the dog on the two-seater.

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