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VTT 04-02-14 02:01 PM

Help us get started on a tandem!
Hello all!

We're experienced bikers who are looking to take the plunge into the world of tandems. Obviously we'd like to try (borrow/rent) several models before we make our purchase. Problem is, the captain is a stout 6'1" and the stoker is a relatively more svelte 6'4". We need a big stiff frame.

Is there a chance anyone in the Seattle area would have a large (ideally 57cm/60cm) size tandem that we could try out for a few rides?



Team Fab 04-02-14 02:07 PM

Probably not to many tandems out there that big. You could try contacting Comotion down in Oregon?

geronimo2000 04-02-14 05:58 PM

you should ask Evergreen Tandem club to circulate this to their members.

You should also contact R+E Cycles since they do fittings and lend bikes and likely could set you up with something that would work well for you

R+E Cycles - Home of Rodriguez and Erickson Custom Bicycles

StephenH 04-03-14 11:24 AM

You'll likely not find many if any off-the-shelf tandems that will fit a 6'-4" stoker. You're likely looking at a custom frame. CoMotion, among others, can do custom frame geometry; get in touch with them for details.

You have a certain leap of faith required to buy an expensive bike without ever being able to test-ride anything similar to it. But that's what I did with my tandem.
I'm guessing if you have a custom frame made for those dimensions, it might be hard to sell the thing, too. Similar to the extra-extra-extra tall single frames.

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