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waynesulak 04-14-14 12:02 PM

Tubless sealent test in tubes
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This last winter I decided to try using tubeless sealant in out tandem's tires. I used Orange Seal Tubeless Bicycle Tire Sealant. I used them in 40mm tires inflated to 70-80 psi. Team weight with winter gear 300 lbs.

Overall I was disappointed with the mixed results. We had a few flats and I do not believe that the sealant really sealed any of them. A couple times it appeared to seal the leak at first but the seal appeared to break lose after a few miles and the tire started leaking again. The sealant leaked through the hole and was slung by the tires over the bike and our legs. In one case the sealant held long enough that we were able to ride home rather than stop on the road to repair the flat. It was still leaking air and sealant at the end of the ride. There was some dried sealant on the tube in the hole that appeared to have worked it way out of the puncture. Investigation of the tube revealed all flats were normal small holes.

I can't really really blame the product for my "off label" use inside tubes but will only use it in the future if even a partial seal is worth the cleanup.

Bad1 04-14-14 05:26 PM

Your choice of Orange Seal Tubeless Bicycle Tire Sealant was a poor choice of the many available types of sealants on the market that are proven.

Tire Sealants -

waynesulak 04-15-14 06:48 AM

Thanks for the link. I may try another brand next winter.

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