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ahultin 05-06-14 07:17 PM

Melted BB7 Adjuster - Fix or replace?
Doing some maintenance today and discovered the adjuster on our rear BB7 is melted. Not certain when it happened bu the bike only has about 1700 miles on it. Pads still have wear left in them but are purpled. Rotor shows obvious heat discoloration. I have an ice tech rotor on the front and installed the ice tech rear today. Stokers vary so team weight swings between 396 and 530. I have the bike setup with rack and fenders to eventually do some overnights with my son (the lightest stoker currently)
So what is the general consensus:
1. replace the melted pieces and call it good
2. Replace the brake with a trp spyre or trp hy/rd or bengal
3. Replace the melted pieces and hope someone comes up with a better mousetrap soon

fietsbob 05-06-14 07:47 PM

I saw the QBP catalog in my LBS, and they carry all the small parts to fully overhaul the BB7 caliper ,

check your LBS, they will add it in to a small parts order.. (save shipping) Sram has the exploded diagram to find the part numbers

hopefully that will be what they ship .. (to the shop .. tough you might get similar out of a remote shop with a QBP account.

akexpress 05-06-14 10:44 PM

There are numerous threads regarding this issue and issues with Icetech rotors

lots of reading here Spyre or Bengal with Hope floating rotors seem to be the least trouble some.

zonatandem 05-09-14 05:13 PM

Glad we are still using rim brakes . . . in 240,000 miles of tandeming have never melted 'em!
Works for us!

Ritterview 05-10-14 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by ahultin (Post 16735213)
2. Replace the brake with a trp spyre...

There ya go. The TRP product description is correct in its points. And no plastic to melt. It's lighter too, but don't get the carbon-armed TRP Spyre SLC!

-Dual sided actuation [this makes so much sense, you'd not even think of reverting to single-sided].

-Even pad wear [I can't confirm this, but probably true]

-Easy adjustment and set up [True]

-Works with ALL cable actuated road levers [Works with my Campy levers, whereas the BB7 required a booster.

-TRP's own ultra-grippy semi-metallic pad that is Shimano M525/M515 compatible allowing for further customization

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