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Pic 07-10-14 03:54 PM

5500 Miles on a tire!
Yep. Original tires (Conti Gatorskins) when we purchased the bike new, 7/2012.

At 3,800 miles the back showed a cut that I could see the threads. So I took some advice from this forum (thanks TG), and rotated the front to the back (+1,700 miles). Yesterday the old front/new rear just got replaced as I saw a couple of small cuts and threads. I probably would continue to roll on it, but in a couple of days we are riding the RAIN Ride (160 miles, one day, one way) and obviously want to reduce my chances of issues.

For the record we are a <300lb team and never stand to crank.

I've said it before on a another thread...
Gatorskins are heavy and slow, but they are practically bullet proof.
Never had a flat with the either tire in a combined 9,300 miles.

Just thought I would share some good news about tires.

Monoborracho 07-10-14 10:43 PM

Whenever I see so much as a cut in the tire on our gets changed for a new tire.

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