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jfdawson 03-30-11 08:43 AM North Texas ride info
Here's web site that I keep bookmarked:

Click on Ride Calendar on the top right hand side of the page - this shows many of the rides by month.


Doohickie 03-30-11 09:56 AM


The calendar is a good overview of what's going on if someone wants to plan local charity rides. :thumb:

Tom Stormcrowe 03-30-11 10:06 AM

This forum is more for posting of specific rides, rather than linking to another site's ride calender. ;) The general idea is to have a searchable list of rides on our site by region.

Doohickie 03-30-11 10:41 AM

Although, Tom, that calendar pretty much has it all.

StephenH 04-05-11 11:54 AM

There's another website, listed on that thread, with the rest of Texas.

joshuac 05-18-11 10:01 PM

there is also this site which has some listings (as well as other recently posted items)

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