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ctpres 02-28-14 05:07 AM

G.A.S.P. 100 Austin to Shiner 5/3/14
Lots of fun at the end of the ride. I am registered and getting road ready!

ctpres 03-16-14 03:51 PM

Looks like we have fiver riders. As agreed if I got five riders my co. would support a team with custom jerseys and maybe tees for our fans. Design is in progress and order will be placed by the end of the week. If you want in - register and let me know ASAP.

ctpres 03-17-14 11:22 AM

Getting better for totally unofficial "BF team" riders! Now custom Jersey and official event jersey. Just got this email from the pres. Signup so I can get orders in.
"Let’s get everyone an “official” race jersey also."

G.A.S.P. Cycling Jerseys | Shiner General Store

Yours in Safety and Security,

Brian K. Turner

We Deliver Peace of Mind©
End quote

bkj 03-17-14 03:14 PM

I signed up last week. Are you in Houston?

ctpres 04-05-14 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by bkj (Post 16586357)
I signed up last week. Are you in Houston?

Sorry I missed your question. We are about ten miles south of Rosenberg. Will PM.

rpecot 01-20-15 10:20 AM

Any reports from last year's ride? I'm seriously considering pulling the trigger on this one. Looks like fun.

bkj 01-20-15 10:49 AM

It was a little hot, a headwind picked up over the last 20 miles, but the beer was cold and plentiful at the end. What's not to like? The roads on the last 20 miles were being repaved when I went by there a few months ago. Do it. It's a great ride. I might have to miss the year though for my son's track meet.

obed7 01-21-15 08:54 AM

that is a great time of year, the cold and major winds are gone and the oven has not been lit yet.

nak45z 04-06-15 09:34 AM

I went to the Shiner GASP in 2014, and it was a great ride. I enjoy 100 mile rides anytime, but we are trying the Wildflower Ride this year in 2015 in San Antonio.

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