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jmio 05-27-15 09:41 AM

back to cycling, live in league city now.
Hey all, just getting back into cycling, been a few years since i been on my bike due to other hobbies, ok ok ok, laziness. but I biked today and averaged a bit under 15 mph, huuuuuuuge dissapointment. I'm looking to get into normal group rides, in the SE houston area, any body out there wanna link up, help out, or point me in the right direction? i appreciate it! I used to be a 20+ mph average rider, hoping to get back to that!

jefft72 05-27-15 10:13 AM

League City here as well. There are a few group rides that are close by. Sun and SKi sport on Bay Area, Space City Cycling (Bike Barn on Bay Area), and Pearland Cycling club all have regular weekend rides with various pace groups. Try them all out to see which group fits you best.

texbiker 05-27-15 01:29 PM

Welcome back. Glad to hear you dusted off the bike and are interested again. I live in Kingwood. Check my website for all of the rides. You can work back up to 20 mph over time. Don't rush it.

jmio 05-27-15 01:43 PM

good deal, i work out in la grange, so i'm gonna ride out to fayetville tomorrow morning when i get off shift.

68venable 06-02-15 06:14 PM

Welcome back!

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