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gmk75000 09-23-15 12:42 PM

Moving back to Fort Worth
I am moving back to my beautiful and ever changing hometown of Fort Worth. I'm just putting out the feelers in anticipation of my return in a few weeks and to see how the riding scene is in town. Any info you got is appreciated.

I spent the last 7 years in Paris, France (a little further east than the one in east Texas), the last four of those working as a bike messenger. I am excited about getting back to town and being able to ride without a backpack and walkie-talkie! My dad has been riding for a long time in Fort Worth and rides a lot. If you ever ride along the Trinity our out in Aledo you might have a come across a super friendly guy in his 60s, with funny cycling jerseys, a US Postal edition Trek and never lacking a kind word and smile.

Are there any fast and regularly scheduled group rides?
Would it be problem joining group rides on a track bike assuming that I put on the brakes? for right now I am road bike less, but the track bike is legit (custom build, no fluorescent colors and I refuse to call it a fixie ;)

Anybody have any info about the Frisco Superdrome and/or make the trip out there from Fort Worth? (ill pitch in for gas money)

Anybody got a decent road bike for sale? Ideally 54, carbon and standard chain set.
Track bike parts for Sale?

Looking forward to hearing from y'all

texbiker 09-23-15 08:55 PM

Welcome back to Texas. You can find a lot of information about the biking scene at the various club websites. One I check is the Fort Worth Bicycling Association. You can also catch up on Texas bicycling news, event and experiences at

stdlrf11 10-18-15 08:11 AM

Look for the guys and gals in the Manly Bulge Bicycle Club (MBBC) jerseys.
Best group of fun loving, hard riding cyclists in the area.
They have a facebook page for more info, but I know they ride several times a week.

Doohickie 11-30-15 02:48 PM

Yep, MBBC is a good group to start with.

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