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thedogs 01-20-16 04:03 PM

Looking for UTA Cyclists!!
Hello my name is Chas!!

I am starting a cycling club at University of Arlington Texas(UTA)(If I can get enough people hopefully I can start a Racing Team).

I am looking for people who cycle at UTA. I will be attending the meeting next Monday to start making it. I would love to get more members. Right now I currently have 3. It seems there used to be a UTA Cycling club but they have disbanded but that is alright!!

Any speed is welcome. Road bike or not.

If you are interested please email
Or reply to this forum post.

Oh, I'm also new to the forum!! Last year I rode 1,876 miles, this year I want to make that 4,000 or more!
If anyone knows where I can get some good custom clothing for this club please tell me!! Whahahha

texbiker 01-20-16 06:11 PM

Ut Austin? UT Arlington?

thedogs 01-20-16 06:47 PM

Originally Posted by texbiker (Post 18474186)
Ut Austin? UT Arlington?

University Of Arlington
Forgot to clarify. I always forget that there is a University of Austin

WalksOn2Wheels 01-29-16 04:30 PM

I'm curious to know how it goes. I just graduated from there in May of '14. I remember one guy who started to get a group together, but he was spread too thin and it quickly fell apart. Good luck to you.

StephenH 02-01-16 07:41 PM

There are other cycling clubs in the area, but I'm not that up on them. Lone Star Cyclists is down south of there, Manly Bulge club is somewhere, not sure where, Greater Dallas Bicyclists has different rides in the area, as does Fort Worth Bicycling Association. If you don't find a wealth of support there, check into the others. I think the Manly Bulge club has more race-oriented riders (and, despite the name, includes women riders in it).

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