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h2omojo 04-08-07 09:40 AM

Texas Rides
Does anybody in the DFW area have a site that lists all the tours/rides around the area for the summer?

Doggus 04-08-07 10:18 AM

Monoborracho 04-08-07 12:36 PM

h2omojo 04-08-07 06:58 PM

Thanks Guys!!

brucep86 05-23-07 04:16 PM

River Region Classic
Has anyone done the River Region Classic that leaves from Garner State Park? I found it on a web site and it looks like it would be a pretty cool ride. Plenty of elevation, so I know I would have to work on getting prepared for it.

Houston, TX

aggie_grad 05-24-07 05:51 AM

Yes, I did it two years ago and the riding is amazing. There is no comparison to the hills. I did the ~40 miles and the hills killed me and my wife on the tandem. The two routes that go north go over a long hill is a lot harder and I wasn't fond of driving it in the car. I would love to go back and try the challenging course but I know I am not prepared. The area is the prettiest place I have ridden in Texas. I would highly recommend it but you might want to drive the routes to decide which way you want to go.


bbrase 06-25-07 08:44 PM

I did it last year. I camped for two nights at Garner State Park and rode the 100 mile route. This is one of of my favorite parts of Texas, very scenic and much better example of the hill country than say, Fredricksburg which most people rave about. The ride web site is here: , they have route maps on the web site. Virtually all of the hills are on route 337 between Leakey and Vanderpool and on route 1050 between the park and Utopia. Both of those routes cross the high ridge between the the Frio and Sabinal rivers. Most people consider the north route to be harder. If you are not used to climbing, driving them beforehand is probably good advice. I recommend the ride and will probably be going again this year.

truman 08-20-07 02:16 PM

Here's one I just heard about:


They will be having a multi day ride from San Antonio to Corpus Christi next March. I plan to participate, possibly riding down to the start in San Antonio from Ft Worth.

philcasi 08-20-07 10:56 PM

theres one in november . me and the gf are training for it :)

crdean1 08-21-07 05:13 AM


Originally Posted by truman (Post 5107689)
Here's one I just heard about:

They will be having a multi day ride from San Antonio to Corpus Christi next March. I plan to participate, possibly riding down to the start in San Antonio from Ft Worth.

Do you have any more info on this? I can't find it on their calendar?

truman 08-21-07 09:32 AM

It's listed at the bottom of that page, but there's no real information on it yet. Right now there's 3 or 4 of us talking about riding out of DFW. One of us is recovering from getting hit by a car (this guy:, so we're thinking about a pretty slow ride down, taking 3 1/2 to 4 days. Figure a week for the whole affair. With luck we can get the cooperation of some of the other clubs on the way down to guide us through some of the trickier parts of the route, or even jump on for the ride.

Probably could scam food and lodging in the Fort Hood area for one night, too.

I'm in contact with the event organizer and he's agreed to keep me updated of any news.

Will G 08-23-07 03:42 PM

The Fort Worth Bicycling Association ( list the club rides plus most of the local rides. Look under the Events tab.

tigerbalm 10-20-07 03:56 AM

The Camino Real Cycling club has several well attended rides every week most of them are post on ( Most of them start in Gruene and pre-drawn roads that are very fun and challenging. that bike site = bikemojo = has rides for all the south-mid Texas area. We always make new riders feel welcome. Many biking fools frequent the Bikeworks of N.B across from cici's pizza off I35.
Ask and they will get one of the maps off the wall. Lots of roadies and a few serious mtb'ers

xcracer13 11-15-07 06:13 PM

Bikeworks in NB is awsome lots of cool stuff there. Im one of the local serious mtb'ers. I've been on several of the tuesday night camino rides. There fun and a challenge specialy fist time up kruger canyon isn't that fun.

StephenH 12-31-07 11:23 AM

New Year's Day ride tomorrow, northeast of Dallas:

Reviews are on bikestuff.

StephenH 08-12-08 08:04 PM

pmsummer posted a link to this map in the East Dallas Veloway thread, and I thought I'd get it in the stickied post here because it promises to be useful. This is detailed maps showing bicycle routes in Dallas. A lot of these are marked bicycle routes on regular streets, not necessarily a bicycle lane or bike path.
Note that you can click on each map, and it pulls up a larger version. Then when you do, at the top of the page, click where it says "image link" in the text and it will pull up a monster version that lets you read all the street names and stuff.

johnnytheboy 12-21-08 09:00 PM

texastwister 02-21-09 06:49 PM

^^^^is BRUCKNER off of I-3O or I-35.?.thinking of showing up sun 22nd....thanks

StephenH 02-21-09 10:15 PM

That's Buckner, not Bruckner. There's another thread just for this ride, you may want to post there and make sure it's happening.

mesgdesign 03-19-09 10:23 AM

We have a comprehensive calendar of Austin area events, not DFW, but since there's no Austin-specific sticky I'll post it here. Austin Cycling Events Calendar at

We update this frequently and try to combine all the other community calendars so everything that's going on in the area can be seen all together.

StephenH 11-04-09 06:29 PM

Some additional links:
Dallas Critical Mass facebook site:
I think this is fixed-gear oriented, but there's content, but no introduction, so hard to say for sure:
Bike Friendly Oak Cliff
Lone Star Randonneurs:

johnybutts 02-03-10 08:06 AM

Guys and Gals,

My cycling club is putting on this top notch event on Sunday, March 28th. We've been doing it for 21 years, and it's going to be a lot of fun! Here's the info:


1-track-mind 02-04-10 05:07 PM


Could anyone give me some advice on routes for a 5-7 day self-contained camping tour this spring ?

truman 02-04-10 08:11 PM

starting where, finishing where?

Sabalo 12-05-10 06:50 PM

Hello Texas. I started riding in July and I am really enjoying the challenge and the improved fitness. My son-in-law lives in Houston and has decided to get a road bike and has challenged me to ride in the Hotter Than Hell Hundred this summer. I want to do a century this year, but because of work the HTH is going to be tough to do.

I wanted to ask other riders in Texas if they could only do one century ride this year, which one would it be? And why?


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