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Stray Cat 06-04-07 01:39 AM

Update ;)

fujirider 06-11-07 04:02 PM

My trusty steed right after I bought it.

What it should look like.

Me on my old Giant mountain bike at the finish line of the 2005 MS150 Bike To The Beach.

I live in New Braunfels. Anyone else around my area?

redls1camaro 06-12-07 01:05 AM
My ride, don't have an pictures of me on it, but not too many people have the same bike.

crdean1 06-19-07 07:43 AM

My Bike, Ride mostly in North Arlington. Sometimes I ride with friends on the trinity trails in Fort Worth.

SpiderMike 06-28-07 09:04 PM

Here y'all go, here is my collection as it stands.
My recently pimped 98 "Peuggy". Replaced all the RSX stuff with mix match Campy earlier this year... she glides now.

My main commuter and troublemaking bike..New Schwinn Madison.
My Surly1x1
My old Miata converted to fixed gear..
My Kona Hahanna converted to SS, used for rainy commuting
some of the wall deco in my bike room...
...and my boy Shiner's "I don't get any beer" face.

euphoria 06-28-07 09:14 PM

sick collection, seriously

All1NTao 06-29-07 09:46 AM

Nice quiver of bikes! Love the single speeds

Soonerinfrisco 07-02-07 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by euphoria
sick collection, seriously

Ya what he said. Nice groupo

iluvfreebeer 07-07-07 10:56 AM

It's really awesome to see so many of us here and on the road.
Now if we could only get the street planners to build shoulders or bike lanes on new roads and those in their cars to Share The Road. :(

Teeleton 08-29-07 04:01 PM

Might as well toss my ugly mug up.

My whip:

Me & the family after the MS150 this year


crdean1 08-30-07 09:36 AM

Thanks for posting, Teeleton, beautiful family!

chevy42083 08-30-07 11:50 AM

Not the best pic at all, but I don't have any new ones with the bike trimmed out like it is now....
1983 Bianchi Nuovo Alloro - campy drivetrain. Black mettalic paint, with red accents.

No pics of the Fuji fixed gear conversion yet.
No pics of the BMX in the last 15years :o It's a Cycle Craft frame with mostly DK parts, and peregrine pedals.

Stray Cat 09-21-07 08:15 AM

I've been noticed twice now from this thread. Keep em' commin!

tfro 09-25-07 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by Stray Cat (Post 5308118)
I've been noticed twice now from this thread. Keep em' commin!

One day I'll figure out the interwebs enough to host a photo and post it up.

jsharr 09-25-07 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by tfro (Post 5331972)
One day I'll figure out the interwebs enough to host a photo and post it up.

evblazer 10-24-07 01:00 PM
More pics
3-5 days a week commuting between double oak and irving texas. On weekends around flowermound/lewisville area.

Doggus 10-31-07 08:24 AM

I'll bet that thing doesn't fit on the DART train :p

livewirerc 11-13-07 03:50 PM

Austinite commuter here, and here's the stable:

IRO Angus Fixed/Fixed zippy bike (look ma, no brakes!):
IRO Rob Roy Fixed/Free commuter (6 speeds to play with thanks to compact double, dingle cog, and a dos eno frewheel), usually mounting a rack but stripped for off-roading at the time:

Surly Karate Monkey 1x9 Monsterbike (currently running it as a single-speed):

GT Dyno Air (OLDSCHOOL, BABY!) for impressing the chicks:

I figured since everyone else was posing in spandex I'd throw up the one pic in existence of me actually wearing biker kit (for halloween I was a hit-n-run zombie):

Mago 11-25-07 06:07 PM

no pics of me, but here is my bike, a vintage 1981 Miyata 1000

MPH2 12-03-07 03:27 PM

Since I changed my username I thought I ought to post my pics under my current username to forstall any confusion, and I'll thrown in some new pics:
Introducing Gladys: Sandvik/TST 3/2.5 Ti frame, Easton carbon bit and pieces and Dave Thomas Speed Dream Wheels
Blood, Sweat and GU: How she looked after the 1/5 Tour in July
Breezer Lighting or Bree for short, Steel frame, XT equipped, Rolf Wheels
BFFGSS IRO Track, posing at the Frisco Superdrome. Her character has yet to come out so I'm still looking for a name. She can be painful but is a good way so maybe Bettie?

Set up for road riding.
Chilling at Lincoln Parish Park in LA...superb mountain bike trails

Doggus 12-03-07 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by MPH2 (Post 5738353)

I still can't pick you out. I see your posts over on the PBA forums. Do you ever ride OAS? Any others?

kevinmcdade 12-03-07 04:05 PM

That's a good looking track rig, Mike!!!

MPH2 12-04-07 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by kevinmcdade (Post 5738621)
That's a good looking track rig, Mike!!!

Thanks Kevin, it couldn't have happened without you!

MPH2 12-04-07 08:17 AM

Doggus, we are always riding around each other, as witnessed by these photos. Note my teammate, I think his name is Robert, is in both of our racing photos. :p

Normally I ride the A group Popcicle on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesdays are generally solo. Saturday I ride the 9:10 or 9:05 at RBM Coit, which allows me to sleep in more than the OAS rides. Sundays I generally mountain bike with my dog, so he can get out of the house 1 day a week and I can try to maintain my lackluster bike handling skills. Maybe over the winter I will start riding with PBA so I can get some longer base miles in.

I believe we rode together on a PBA ride where we crossed lake Lavon, and you were riding a tandem along with another couple on a tandem. You guys put the hammer down and dropped all but 2-3 of the road bikes. I was one of those 2-3 that were able to hang on. That was a few months back.

Me, you, Kevin and whoever else wants to jump in ought to pick a group ride and ride together some weekend.

cuda2k 12-04-07 10:45 PM

A little upgrade for my modern build:

Moved the Centaur group and wheels off my Flyte to this Fuji Team Issue WCS. :D

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