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tejas mtb 10-17-07 07:42 PM

denton area riders
I just moved to Denton from Plano two weeks ago and i've been desperately looking for roadies in the area to do group rides with. Unfortunately I haven't found any or any club/shop rides either. I'm getting tired and bored of riding alone, today was brutal with the hills every 1/4 of a mile and the 25-30 mile an hour head wind, I just wanted to fall over right there and die. So if there are any group rides or clubs up here or even just other lonely souls looking for a riding buddy please let me know, I could sure use the help with the wind and the company. On a positive note, I do like that I now get to ride on back country roads through little country towns with WIDE shoulders and see a lot more hills/rollers than I ever saw in two years of riding in Plano, but then again, that's why it's called Plano.

StephenH 10-17-07 08:19 PM

Check out the "Suggestions for November Ride" post and the "Texas Rides" post.

A while back, I went up to the Fiesta Fun Ride, which started out by the loop and went on FM 428. FM 428 has wide shoulders, a great riding place. I don't normally pay attention to that when driving, but a lot of the FM roads don't have any shoulder, so enjoy it.

tejas mtb 10-17-07 08:41 PM

i rode 428, 455, 377, 2153, and whatever locust street out of denton turns into north of loop 288. great wide shoulders on all roads above, lots of hills too, and lake ray roberts was cool to look at (never seen it before while riding, im usually doing the isle dubois or johnsons branch trails and im in the woods when im up there). i just want some people or someone to ride with is, nothing big just 25-40 mile rides a few times a week, maybe a little longer on weekends if time and energy permit.

kraxmel 10-18-07 09:17 AM

I used to live in Denton and rode with the Corinth Cycling Club. Here's their website:

I haven't ridden with them in a long time, so I don't know what all they have going on, but they were a good group of people and fun to ride with.

mocella 10-19-07 08:10 AM

Talk to the guys at Blue Bonnet Cycles. They mentioned a group that heads out from the Lowes (I think, it's been a while) across 35 from the shop. I'm guessing they head up into Flower Mound to join up with the numerous roadies that frequent that area.

jsharr 10-19-07 08:12 AM

PM Lecterman, he used to live in Denton and rode with a couple of shops us there.

Lecterman 10-20-07 05:29 AM

There are some pretty good rides around Denton. Denton Bicycle Center has organized evening road rides when the sun is up long enough (summer). If those are not going their only ides are the Texas Taco Ride which is about a 16 mile road ride which is done on MTBs because part of it is on a gravel road.

They ride it on Tuesday nights with lights at 6 and Saturday morning at 7. Both rides end (for those that choose to go) at Mi Casita for some yummy Mexican food.

If you want some rides I have mapped out, PM me and I will link you to my routeslip profile.

ianpotpie 10-20-07 02:54 PM

The guys up at Denton Bicycle on Elm (just past University going toward the square) do a 25 mile road ride twice a week (I can't remember which days), and they do an 18 mile mountain-bike-on-the-road ride twice a week also.

I think that their road bike ride is done until the spring, but their mountain bike ride should still be happening. They're also all really nice guys.

PugOtis 09-23-08 12:16 PM

The Texas Flyers Bike Club that operates out of southern Denton county (Flower Mound, Lewisville and surrounding communities) has a web site that lists group rides and routes. There are rides almost every day. The popular social ride on Saturday Morning is a way to meet new people. Most rides are in the rural southern part of the county (Argle, Copper Canyon, Bartonville etc.) Here is link to the club website.

Rick Rubin 09-26-08 03:19 PM

BIg ol' rides every Tuesday night from one of the campuses, usually around 100 people and a nice easy pace for 12 miles...would be a great place to meet other people who are trying to ride harder. Also I think the same group does a fast ride one of the nights of the week. Same gang whos putting on the scavenger hunt tonight I believe.

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