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ripa 02-19-08 10:25 AM

Frame builders in Houston
Are there any frame builders in the Houston area? I attended the NAHBS in Portland and saw builders from Austin and the Dallas area and it got me wondering if there were any around Houston.

Creakyknees 02-21-08 01:22 PM

Hans Schneider is in Huntsville. He's also promoted the Memorial Park crit series for many years.

Not sure how much new business he's accepting these days, it's kinda like you have to know someone and get introduced.

Bikedued 08-26-13 08:27 AM

I know, zombie thread! Sorry!:D I am also wondering if there are any frame builders in Houston. There's a link to Hans' website on Yahoo, but you click it and it says "This account has been suspended". There was a younger guy that used to work at Blue Line in Houston, that was building up his tools, and was excited to start building. I am not sure who he was or if he ever started building. He used to ride a really nice looking Surly LHT as a daily commuter. That gained my respect right there:).,,,,BD

brons2 08-26-13 04:26 PM

I rode with Hans for about 7 or 8 miles on the 2012 MS150, cool guy. He was asking about my Chris King hub :D

airwulf 09-09-13 06:00 AM

Koh Amoura (Samurai Cycles) in Webster. I saw him at NAHBS in Austin 2 yrs ago. He specializes in steel frames.

Werkin 09-09-13 02:21 PM

Hans Schneider does indeed still build (and paint) frames 936-291-1764, also performs carbon repair. As mentioned Koh is another Houston builder If interested in titanium, Tony Bell

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