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10 Wheels 11-16-08 06:38 PM

The Dead Squirrel Ride.
This may be as boring as looking at a dead squirrel.
I ride better than I write. 10,200 Miles ytd on the flat Texas Gulf Coast.

7:00 AM called Dave, to see if he was riding today? 44* temp out, no wind.
He said No ,but would go with me If I could wait. He has asthma and the cold air gives him fits.
We agreed on a 9:30 start time.

I am a 66 y/o Clyde ,that commutes to a Long Distance Ride on a 19 lb Race Bike.
We ride in Galveston and Brazoria Counties.

Railroad Track, Looking West, Hitchcock TX:

Pearce Marsh, Looking East, Hitchcock TX:

Real Biker, Hitchcock TX on Highway 6, South Bound:

Vietnam Vet that wants to start riding with us, Sante Fe TX:

To Honor All Fallen Squirrels, Just Trying to do their job:

74.5 miles Temps 44* to 58* Sunny.

WPeabody 11-16-08 08:06 PM

Nice pics! Not boring at all. :)

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