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tx_what_it_do 01-26-09 05:14 PM

terry hershey paved trail
someone come ride with me sometime or something

johnybutts 01-26-09 07:15 PM

when? what speed?

Tex_Arcana 01-26-09 10:54 PM

Your from Alief so you probably want to start from Hwy 6. I live near Sharpstown so I usually start at the other end at the Beltway.

I think CP Blue is the only BFer I've seen at Terry Hershey and that was my pre 50th birthday half century which I practiacally finished on one pedal.

We ought to have a way identify other Bike Forum folks out on the trail. I know, lets all nod our heads and say, "Hi" to everyone we pass.

No wait, just about everyone does that anyway.

mnkyman 01-27-09 01:18 AM

i rode that trail numerous times over winter break, but i'm back in Austin now.

Great trail. We would start from beltway 8, go all the way to fry road (this is where it becomes george bush park), and then back...about 40 miles round trip

kylejack 01-27-09 08:03 AM

Originally Posted by mnkyman (Post 8254796)
Great trail. We would start from beltway 8, go all the way to fry road (this is where it becomes george bush park), and then back...about 40 miles round trip

It becomes George Bush Park at the reservoir dam at Highway 6. Fry borders Bush Park on the west side.

cpblue 01-27-09 08:58 PM

I'm there almost every Sunday riding a Novara Randonee. This coming Sunday (1-31) I can't make it.

ericnowcool 04-07-09 05:38 PM

Hope this thread isn't dead, I just got an old road mixte centurion, I live in Memorial dr area and I've been riding around neighborhoods but I'd like to try the park, but I've heard it's pretty bumpy and curvy, I don't want to break my "new" bike since I just got it but do you think an old road bike would do well on it? tires are brand new, thanks for any help

jefferdy1 04-07-09 08:01 PM

I've ridden it from Fry road all the way to Terry Hershey park and it is a great paved path. It's all asphalt and is smooth. In the park there are some cracks in the asphalt but I have yet to catch a wheel or anything. I even see roller bladers out there too. One guys was flying 20+ mph no way I was going to catch him.

I ride it either Sat or Sunday from my house, ~2.5 miles to get to the park at least to Hwy 6 and back which is good 25 mile round trip ride. I did the MS 150 back in college 1991 or 1992 I think was when I did it. I have a long way to go to get back to the higher mileage trips. Gone are the days of riding around Austin, to campus, Austin to Buda or Kyle or Austin to San Marcus dam.

I'm out there on my Trek 1000 Alpha Series (red, white and blue) always by myself.


txags92 04-08-09 09:53 AM

I believe there was a cyclist shot out there yesterday, so if you ride it, please be careful!


It was Monday at around 8pm.

ericnowcool 04-08-09 01:23 PM

OMG! wow, thank you for the warning txaqs92.
Now, I am apprehensive about riding there, but thanks for your reply jefferdy1.
I hope they catch those people.

Raccoon 04-08-09 03:19 PM

I have ridden out there every afternoon this week on a green/blue/white orbea. I was out there till 7pm on Monday then yesterday I looked to see if I could find where anything happened, no police tape or chalk outlines so I don't know how to find it.

I have my bike with me ready to ride starting about 5:30 today again. I will probably be out there a few times next week also, some depends on the weather. If you want to try get ahold of me then pm.

p.s. I will be in a Texas Tech jersey today riding from 5:30 till probably about 7.

txags92 04-08-09 04:15 PM

I suspect it was down near the BW 8 end and not the Hwy 6 end if I had to guess. I ride the section from Hwy 6 at Briar Forest to Fry Road and back all the time and have never seen anything that would make me concerned at all. That portion of the trail is very open and is usually pretty heavily used by other cyclists and a few joggers, so I would be surprised if somebody could be shot without lots of witnesses. The news story said it happened at 8pm, which is after dark, and the Hwy 6 parking lots close at dusk.

Tex_Arcana 04-08-09 05:45 PM

I was riding from Beltway 8 to that park at Memorial near Eldridge and back this afternoon. Everyone seemed to just be having a mellow time in the terrific weather.

This is just about the first time I've had a day off when the weather was really nice. Took the new bike over to Performance Bikes to have the mechanic fix a couple of issues then rode over to Terry Hershey. Felt good. I was wondering how well I could take the rollers on just one gear but for the most part those were unfounded concerns. Made it up all of them pretty much except where I had trouble passing this one kid on a Specialized Hybrid that needed some work on his rear deraileur. On that steep S curve near Wilcrest he was actually sideways in the middle of the MUP trying to make his way up. So much for my building up speed and spinning my way up.

Cruising speed wasn't bad either. For a 50 y. o. with one gear just pedaling a steady pace I was catching and passing a lot of the riders out there ( I know it's not a race but I don't have a computer on my bike so I generally judge speed by who, what, when, and where I pass and of course who passes me and how quickly.)

Overall, it was a good day.

Rex G 04-11-09 02:30 PM

Originally Posted by txags92 (Post 8690021)
I believe there was a cyclist shot out there yesterday, so if you ride it, please be careful!


It was Monday at around 8pm.

Not much detail in the news story; it would be interesting to know if this was a random or otherwise unprovoked attack, or happened as part of a personal confrontation, involving persons known to each other, with one of the participants just happening to be a cyclist.

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