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cuda2k 12-28-10 07:12 AM

NAHBS: Feb 25th - 27th, Austin TX
I've started a thread over in the C&V section to get a head count of BF's members who plan to attend the show. Figured since this year's show is in Texas I would cross-post over here to see if there were any other TX natives planning to attend.

StephenH 12-28-10 08:34 AM

"North American Handmade Bicycle Show",

Sounds neat, but I'm not in the market for anything at the moment, so kind of doubt I'll make it down.

cuda2k 12-28-10 10:32 AM

It's worth a drive down from Dallas for a day just to look. I'll see if I can dig up some of the photos I took from the 2008 show in Portland, but I'm sure you can find lots of photos from previous shows on the show website.

Werkin 12-28-10 11:06 AM

I plan to attend. I'm disappointed I missed the Texas show and I hope nothing gets in the way of the national.

Crazydad 12-28-10 05:45 PM

I plan on being there. Not in the market to buy anything, but just to go see a bunch of cool stuff.

Rex G 12-28-10 09:01 PM

Thanks for the heads-up! I am within day-trip distance, so it might be feasible to make it up there.

craigcraigcraig 01-06-11 03:00 PM

I volunteered for it. So i'll be there.

Timothyraines 01-07-11 03:25 PM

I'll be attending with a few friends for sure. Hope to have my 80's Colnago build done by then to make the short ride from home.

lotek 01-07-11 03:31 PM

I'm driving down for a day not sure when though.
I'm not really in the market for anything right now, but we've all heard that
story before.


dstrong 02-10-11 04:27 PM

There is a ride being planned for Saturday morning...route still to be determined...expected to finish by noon. If interested, probably best to jump into the discussion going on over in the C&V thread shown in the OP.

OldFencer 02-11-11 07:47 AM

Yep. Just down the road, so it would seem foolish not to go.
Think I'll leave my wallet at home...

cuda2k 02-21-11 07:05 AM

Originally Posted by OldFencer (Post 12209458)
Yep. Just down the road, so it would seem foolish not to go.
Think I'll leave my wallet at home...

What's the fun in that though!

Mr_Christopher 02-21-11 11:28 AM

I'll be there but only Friday and Saturday morning. I'm planning to take lots of photos, video and publish a few blog posts on the event.

GS430 02-21-11 04:57 PM

I'll be there and I am picking up my new bike! Counting the days.

airwulf 02-25-11 07:32 AM

I'll be there tomorrow (Sat).

airwulf 02-28-11 07:54 PM

What a show! Every bike you saw qualified as eye candy. Amazing workmanship on ti, carbon, steel, and aluminum with great paint jobs. It you weren't there you missed out.

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