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cpblue 02-14-11 07:11 PM

Austin to San Antonio
I was thinking of riding from Austin to San Antonio along 281. Google maps shows a wide shoulder. Anyone done this before?

Creakyknees 02-14-11 09:21 PM

It's kind of a long way out of the direct route, don't ya think? There's a "back way" via Buda / San Marcos / New Braunfels that most riders use for Austin-SA rides.

tcs 02-15-11 06:34 AM


godeacs 02-21-11 11:59 PM

I dread driving my car on 281 north from SA/south from Marble Falls......I never would consider riding a bike on it - you are risking your life.

keeper420 04-25-11 09:49 AM

i live in marble falls, and i have taken 281 numerous times. from marble falls, south, til about 5 miles past johnson city it is a 2 lane road each way, with a shoulder. once you pass the 290 intersection, it is 1 lane in each direction, and at that point i would not recommend continuing south on 281. very little shoulder, very bad drivers, and it's not biker friendly at all. but, if you want to make a circle out of it...71W-281S-290E should be a nice long circle.

Edit** actually, with all the construction and congestion, around Bee Cave, on 71, is not that great. fyi

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