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10 Wheels 11-09-11 10:06 AM

Two Mormon missionaries on bicycles were killed

Jamesw2 11-10-11 07:02 AM

I see that a lot where a person in passing another car in the oncoming lane. You look up and bail out into the ditch.

Creakyknees 11-10-11 08:50 AM

Very sad news. Sympathy for the families, to lose your son at such a young age, with so much promise ahead.

Glad to hear the driver has turned himself in; it's too common in Texas for Mexican Nationals to flee across the border and never be heard of again. It's happened before in cyclist fatalities; Miji Reoch being a prominent case.

webist 11-10-11 09:26 AM

Sad. Thinking of the families.

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