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Tex81 11-22-11 05:14 PM

[Videos] Cycling Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge & Liverpool, Texas
Someone requested full length videos from my rides in Texas, so I uploaded the raw footage from my latest 41 mile ride through Liverpool, Texas and the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.


Jamesw2 11-23-11 06:57 AM

That will get my heart going on the trainer. Thanks

Tex81 11-23-11 10:28 AM

No problem! If I borrow my friends camera in the future again, I'll post more for you. The files from Lake Conroe are too long to upload to You Tube; they allow 15 min max. I haven't been able to sort out the codec so I can open them in a video editor without too much loss in quality, as you can see from the compilation I did with the music in the background. I still have all those raw files though, so if I ever figure it out I'll upload those as well.

Jamesw2 11-24-11 04:49 AM

Try vi do they post longer videos

VIMEO is the correct spelling

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