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Jarhead1961 01-13-13 01:40 AM

Huntsville Texas Riders
I am a 51 year old man and live in Huntsville. I have been riding both my road and mountain bikes for about 2 years now. I would like to improve my cycling distance. I currently have completed rides of 25 to 33 miles in distance. I have been doing all my rides solo and would like to find some other riders in the area or meet up with riders of a similar level as me. My average speeds on the Huntsville routes (moderate hills) are between 14 to 16 mph. I am not new to bicycling just now getting back into it to take the stress off of my knees from running.

martialman.45 01-13-13 02:03 AM

I ride double lake sometimes. Your welcome to join.

Creakyknees 01-13-13 11:14 AM

Call or stop by Hans Schneider's shop sometime. He's a living legend in Texas cycling; always happy to help any rider, and he knows just about everyone in Huntsville that rides.

Phone: (936) 291-1764

Jarhead1961 01-13-13 01:23 PM

Is double Lake back open, They did have it closed after the Drought and fires because of the large trees and branches falling on the trails.

texbiker 01-13-13 08:20 PM

You might want to join the Houston Cycling Club on They organize rides around Houston and there might be interest in the Huntsville area. Also look at event calendar for organized rides.

martialman.45 01-13-13 11:31 PM

I rode Double Lake the weekend before all the rain. Not sure when It will be back open/dry

rgilliam2004 01-31-13 09:30 PM

I will be in Huntsville this Sat and wanted to find out if any as rode the Highway 980 from Riverside? If so what is it like? Traffic bad or is the road ok for a riding?

Creakyknees 02-01-13 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by rgilliam2004 (Post 15222549)
I will be in Huntsville this Sat and wanted to find out if any as rode the Highway 980 from Riverside? If so what is it like? Traffic bad or is the road ok for a riding?

I have not but from checking the map it shouldn't be too bad, especially westbound from Riverside. You might get more lake/boat trailers on the Eastbound direction.

rgilliam2004 02-04-13 08:09 AM


I talked to Mr. Schneider last Friday and thank you for that lead. He is VERY cool and answered a lot of questions about good routes to take. He did not recommend 980 saying it had a lot of traffic and told me about the I-45 feeder road going north at exit 123. Nice route but not really long. I really wish Dallas had the hills you guys do, I those climbs were kicking my ass.

One note, that address posted is his house and not his shop, sadly I lost the address but I would not just show up there but call him and get the correct address.


sfleuriet 04-20-13 07:44 PM

I'd be interested to hear about more Huntsville routes, for a newbie road cycler :) I will have to check out that Exit 123 feeder road.

Jarhead1961 08-06-13 11:36 AM

I am planning a ride on the North Feeder Road in Huntsville Texas. If your interested please contact me on this thread I will check it frequently this week. It will be around 20 miles with hills for those interested. My pace on the Route is around 15 mph average. I have done the route in an hour. It can be extended to longer if interested. It will start at the 1696 exit off I-45 and follow the feeder road to 2989 north. Total out and back is around 19.24 miles. It is easily extended to a ride to Buckeys in Madisonville, a 40.5 mile run.

sfleuriet 08-20-13 08:38 PM

hey Jarhead, send me a PM. I'll be trying the feeder road route pretty soon. I will be in Huntsville all fall and searching for road routes.

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