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mrhinman 01-25-13 10:15 AM

Mansfield Pickle Pedal
Anyone know if there are route maps available for the Pickle Pedal in Mansfield March 16?

Matthew Hinman
Newbie Rider

Doohickie 01-25-13 11:54 AM

Check with the organizers at their facebook page:

mrhinman 01-28-13 09:41 AM

Well, Doohickie, that page is NOT the official event organizer page. I've commented on that page in the past and they deny involvement in the race.

Doohickie 01-28-13 10:35 AM

Well, mrhiman, that's the best a Google search could do.

StephenH 01-29-13 12:42 PM

Well, doing a search on the website itself, it shows to be by PedalPower, a charity which recycles old bikes, with the contact of Jason Toombs, one of the directors of PedalPower. PedalPower has a website, but the website doesn't show the Pickle Rally, so I'm not sure of the actual connection between the two.

mrhinman 02-04-13 06:59 AM

Just found out last week this event has been canceled.

StephenH 02-23-13 10:15 PM

Not too surprising. Putting a ride on involves getting people out to ride it, and when people WANT to go ride it, and can't find any information on it, that's kind of advertising in reverse. I did send them an email, by the way, and never heard back.

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