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AusTexMurf 01-29-13 07:44 AM

Funky Chicken Coop Tour
Cycling Chickenists, Unite!

March 30, 2013 10am-4pm in Austin, Tx

Lots of fun. Wife, kids, and I have ridden it several years.

AusTexMurf 02-01-13 08:51 AM

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Getting started with chickens:

How to Start a Chicken Coop Tour: A 12-Step Program

Volunteer to assist with the bicycle tour:

Ticket/Map - only one needed per touring group:

Lots of fun. Hope to see many cyclists out there.

Creakyknees 02-01-13 10:16 AM

God Bless Texas. And, Austin too.

AusTexMurf 02-06-13 10:03 AM

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GrouchoWretch 02-07-13 05:11 PM

Ha, thought it said "cycling chickens**ts, unite!" I thought, "finally, a tour just for me!"

AusTexMurf 02-13-13 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by GrouchoWretch (Post 15248830)
Ha, thought it said "cycling chickens**ts, unite!" I thought, "finally, a tour just for me!"

Hey Groucho......
I like the the photo you posted of your bike in the other forum. Looks like a very nice ride for covering ground in mixed riding conditions.
Are you considering coming to Austin for The Funky Chicken Coop Tour or the Honk! festival ? Both are funky, strange, and Austin things to do by bike. If you want to come up, contact me via the forum for my cell and email addy. I will be with my wife and at least 2 kiddos trailing behind, but you are welcome to ride with us or park/start with us then do your own thing. Bring a friend(s) with you, if you'd like.
Next time I am in SA, I will make sure to bring a bike (or ride one there) and look you up. I would like to ride your commute route, downtown SA, or any of the newer MUP around Salado Creek or the other newer ones in San Antone. Also heard that there is a cool new bike path/route from UTSA all the way south into central SA.
Larry Murphy

AusTexMurf 02-27-13 02:51 PM

Austin's 5th Annual The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ and Bicycle Tour de Funky Chickens

The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ invites everyone to visit Austin-area poultry keepers who will open their backyards to the public for the fifth year in a row to show off their chickens and urban coops on Saturday, March 30, 2013. The self-guided tour will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., rain or shine.

We will offer a Bicycle Tour de Funky Chickens – a guided bicycle ride in partnership with Bike Austin to many of the coops. Cyclists will also be able to tour chicken coops at their own pace. Visit for details.

Tour maps will be the entry ticket to the coops or self-paced bicycle ride and cost $10. A map can be shared with as many people as desired and will include one free entry to our raffle; additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase. Watch our Facebook page and website for more details. The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds after expenses to Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms and Partners for Education, Agriculture, and Sustainability (PEAS).

Urban chicken-keeping continues to be a growing trend and The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ will include coops all over the Austin area. Each year turnout for the tour has continued to grow, with over 2,500 estimated visitors in 2012.

If you are interested in showing your coop, volunteering or being a sponsor for the tour, visit The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ website and complete your application today. Visit sign up. Make sure to check the site early, as deadlines for entering your coop and getting great sponsor benefits apply.

The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ will continue in the tradition of past tours by offering an Information Center with commemorative t-shirts, as well as the popular raffle which will include prizes provided by our sponsors, including a deluxe coop from All Kooped Up (

You can check it out at the Information Center on the day of the tour, located at Buck Moore Feed and Pet Supply at 5237 North Lamar Blvd. For more details about the tour or information on how and when to purchase a tour brochure/entry ticket, raffle tickets, or any of our great merchandise, please check out the website at You can also stay up to date by following The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ on Facebook and Twitter.

The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ is an event of Urban Poultry Association of Texas, Inc. (UPAT). UPAT was formed in the fall of 2011 to provide support, training and guidance in an effort to promote urban poultry and help those who strive to work with poultry in an urban setting. The Funky Chicken Coop Tour is run by dedicated unpaid volunteers who have an interest in local food and community events.

GrouchoWretch 03-04-13 02:38 PM

Sorry, Murph, didn't see your post earlier. I would like to make it up to Austin for the Coop tour, not sure I'll get a chance but will definitely ping you beforehand if I do.

Get in touch with me anytime if you're gonna be in SA. I'm fairly lame on the bike compared to some, but I get by.

AusTexMurf 03-27-13 07:26 AM

[TABLE="width: 100%"]
[TD="width: 100%"]Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour posted in Austin's 5th Annual The Funky Chicken Coop TourŪ and Bicycle Tour de Funky Chickens

Funky Chicken Coop Tour is this weekend, folks !

[TABLE="width: 518"]
[TD][TABLE="width: 458"]
[TD]Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour[/TD]
[TD="align: right"][/TD]
Tuesday, March 26 is the last day you can pre-register for the Bicycle Tour de Funky Chickens. The first 20 people get a chance win some cool prizes! Visit Buck Moore Feed and Pet Supply and sign up!


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