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MuppetMower 02-18-13 09:14 AM

Loaner bike in Houston
Hello all.

I just moved to Houston, and I don;t really know any cyclists here yet.

While riding over the weekend, I found a crack in my Tarmac's frame. I am trying to get it replaced under warranty. If that doesn't work I will be sending it to Calfee for repair. Either way, I will be without a bike for about 3 weeks.

Does anyone in the Houston area have a 56-57cm road bike that I could borrow while I get this mess sorted out? I really do not want to miss three weeks of training at such an important time(getting ready for the road season. Was planning on racing Rouge Roubaix on March 10th but dont think my bike will be ready).

Please let me know if you are willing to help me out. We can work something out so both parties feel safe.


AusTexMurf 02-19-13 09:48 AM

I am in Austin and can't help you with a loaner, myself. However, I might suggest drafting an enrolling request, similar to the OP, and posting it in bicycles on Craigslist Houston and Austin. Odds are, someone will respond, willing to help out.


Also, is their a local Calfee dealer in Houston ? They might be able to coordinate with the manufacturer to get you a loaner while yours is under repair.

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