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Xsive 11-12-13 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by Monoborracho (Post 15408764)
The climbs out of the canyons at Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 in Lubbock are ugly. Short, but ugly.

The "Three Amigos" on 337 north of Mineral Wells are a favorite. Three long climbs and fast descents over about ten miles.

The ugly thing about Buffalo Springs and Lubbock are the redneck drivers that despise cyclists.

Much better hills are inside the Palo Duro State Park outside Amarillo.

bikemig 11-12-13 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by alpha_bravo (Post 15469899)
Has anyone ridden out in Big Bend? I'd really like to plan a trip out there to ride some of the real mountains there. I've hear there are a few good 1000-1500 foot climbs. I don't think there's anything in Texas that is as big as that.

It's been a while since I've ridden there but there is first rate bike riding in Big Bend esp. if you go offroad. Heck I'd like to get there in Feb. or March for some riding.

Minnesota Expat 12-06-13 12:06 AM

San Antonio here. Green Mountain Road, just north of Hwy 1604, is a good workout. Not killer steep, but a good steady even ramp of 200' over a mile. A better workout is the 4 miles of Smithson Valley Road between Bulverde and Hwy1863. A steady slope with a nice 50-100' ramp about every mile. I tell myself it's like doing intervals.

Rwc5830 12-29-13 10:10 PM

Just saw this thread. As the OP noted.

I did the Ft. Davis cyclefest (75 mies) this year along with the Ft. Davis Hammerfest the following day....which is a seven mile ride with almost 2,000 feet elevation gain. Other than the steepness of those climbs the elevation got to me. 5,000+ to almost 7,000 feet on the day two climb.

Since I ride and live near the gulf coast that is a big difference in the elevation. The Ft. Davis rides are awesome if you can get out there in September for the event.

I also rode ranch road 337 between Vanderpool and Leakey Tx this year. Those hills are grades approaching 15-17% in parts. Very tough climbs but not as long as Ft. Davis. This area was also mentioned by the OP.

KD5NRH 06-23-16 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by Creakyknees (Post 15430982)
But I think "the Wall" use in the Paluxy Pedal rout is bigger and steeper.

Hmmm...26 miles from home...but if I want to climb the regular route (as opposed to going opposite the way the PP takes it) I'll have to go about 30 to get there, with a 26 mile return home.

I guess if I'm ever looking for good metric century practice, I'll have to try that. Last time I rode 67, it was the roughest chipseal I've been on, so the trip would certainly be an endurance test. (Though that's been a few years, so it might have worn down a bit smoother.)

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