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Joe Bicycle 03-16-13 09:34 AM

To any riders in the Carrollton area.
I am looking for routes for road riding in the Carrollton, TX area. I am preparing to move out there in May/June and I saw road signs in the neighborhood where we are looking for a house that were Bike route designations and "Share The Road". Any help is appreciated. TIA.

DTSCDS 03-18-13 10:19 AM

The "bike routes" in the Dallas area are hit and miss. (Kind of like riding with the cars in the Dallas area) Just because a street has a bike route designation doesn't mean I would want to ride on it.
That said, with experience you can find safe-ish places to ride. I would say in the 4 years I have been riding here, it seems to be slowly getting better. Maybe it's one of those things where now that I am riding a bike, there aren't really more bike riders out here than there ever were, I'm just noticing them more.
There are some pretty decent trails around and lots of quiet streets. If you drive just a bit to the east of Carrollton there is a paved/concrete trail that runs from just off of Hillcrest and I-635 (LBJ Freeway) all the way down to White Rock Lake. If you ride down, around the lake and back it makes it something like 22 miles and you never have to share the road except for crossing a couple of major streets at traffic lights.

DTSCDS 03-18-13 10:20 AM

After I posted I saw that you are in Plano. The previous post and it's information are probably not very helpful since you are already here.
I don't have any Carrollton specific advice.

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