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Yotsko 04-10-13 12:40 PM

Southwest Texas and goat heads
Hey folks. I'll be moving down to Del Rio in a few short weeks was recently reminded of the nasty goatheads I experienced while mountain biking in NM a few years ago. Are goatheads and issue in TX too? Whats the best way to combat flats with those things on the road?

Logic + google seem says conti gatorskins and thick tubes would be a good bet. I'd consider tubeless, but I'm not too keen on converting a set of wheels. Thoughts?

Also - anyone ride around Del Rio? Small town, I know...but not much on the interwebz.

texbiker 04-10-13 02:08 PM

I have not been to Del Rio but riding the Hotter'n Hell 100 in Wichita Falls I have suffered several punctures from these little things. The Gatorskins will help inspecting the tires when you come out of the grass or dirt is the best way. I pulled several out before they could cause trouble.

bikepro 04-10-13 02:10 PM

alpha_bravo 04-10-13 09:18 PM

I work in Laredo and have yet to see a goat head (be kind Cycling Gods). I think you'll be fine riding with normal tires in South Texas. I would spend your time preparing yourself for the heat... My God the heat...

Yotsko 04-11-13 06:19 AM

Thanks all, good info. And yeah...the heat. Wasn't excited when I saw 100 deg already.

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