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txags92 09-20-13 11:49 AM

Be aware that when we have heavy rains on the west side, sometimes the bridge in the middle goes under water, making the path impassible. I forget what the elevation of the bridge is, but there is a USGS gage on the dam that will tell you the reservoir elevation, and if it is over a certain height, the bridge will be flooded. I doubt we will get enough rain in the next couple of days to do it given how dry it has been, but just be aware that it is possible, and not necessarily rare during times when we are having more rain.

Glad you enjoyed it, and hope your wife does as well. Sunday looks like it should be very pleasant weather for a ride.

the sci guy 09-20-13 02:18 PM

also enjoyed sharing this pic i took on the ride with my friends back up north :lol:

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