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knoxtnhorn 07-01-13 08:40 PM

NE Dallas/Garland/Richards last week of July - where to bike?
I grew up in the area and visit about once a year; however, I'm ignorant when it comes to places to bike. When I was young, you could head East on Coit road and ride for miles without any traffic. Obviously, that's not the case anymore. I'm planning on doing a Saturday morning ride in Cleburne (July 27th) but am looking for options during the week leading up to it.

I did the White Rock Lake route last year and, while nice at parts, it wasn't completely conducive to road biking. I'm looking for more of an open road route and/or group ride. I came across a Wednesday night ride somewhere in Plano (bike shop). Anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind driving a bit - i.e. Allen, Plano, Rockwall, Sachse, if it leads to be a better ride. I don't want to be dodging cars.

texbiker 07-01-13 10:08 PM

I would suggest you check with Richardson Bike Mart. Also the Plano Bicycle Association has club rides. Check my website for rides all over Texas.

knoxtnhorn 07-02-13 06:41 AM

Cool. Thanks. Completely forgot about Richardson Bike Mart.

Creakyknees 07-02-13 10:08 AM

Yep it's pretty well suburbanized for miles and miles from the Richardson area. Lots of stoplights no matter what.

As to group rides:

Tu-Th there is the informal "Popsicle ride" that leaves at 6 pm from the NW corner of Renner / Custer. There are at least 3 groups ranging from all-out race (first group) to more chatty and social (last group).

Wednesday, there's a ride leaving from RBM, and also Bicycles Plus in Allen (Stacy Rd exit from 75, turn right, first right into the huge shopping center, straight thru and look to your right).

To really get to country roads I'd advise driving and parking, sorry to say. One of my favorites is to head up 75 to Van Alstyne or Sherman, park at the city park and head out on the county roads. Check sites like and to find lots of great routes.

I think the PBA might be doing a 4th July ride or rides:

knoxtnhorn 07-05-13 04:07 AM

Awesome. Thanks. I'll probably be doing one of those you've (CreakyKnees) suggested.

StephenH 07-08-13 09:56 PM

Greater Dallas Bicyclists has a couple of rides going on. Tuesdays and Thursdays, there's a ride out of Poteet at 5:30. I normally can't get there by then. So far as I know, it's a drop-you-if-we-can ride that goes real leisurely the first couple of miles then at the first downhill, the race is on. (So take a map!) Generally, they're going out East Fork Road down towards Sunnyvale. Depending on where they turn around, that could be from 20 to 45 miles or so. There may be some riders going slower or shorter. There's a 6:00 moderate-pace ride on Tuesdays, but it's had varying attendance- just me on one or two occasions, sometimes nobody, five people last week, so it's hard to say. GDB has other rides around the metroplex that I'm not familiar with.

I ride from my house (near Oates and Duck Creek in south Garland) down to White Rock Lake on occasion, that's about 27 miles round trip.

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