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Ronno6 07-15-13 11:22 AM

Weekend Rides in Dickinson ?
I visit Dickinson a few times a year, and keep a bike at my daughter's house.
I have typically ridden the "paperclip" ride up and down the I-45 access road
from Deats south to the turnaround and back. Not the most fascinating ride.
Are there any groups riding in that area on Saturday and/or Sunday that might allow a
visiting rider? Anything in the 20-50 mile range and 18-22 speed.

texbiker 07-15-13 07:17 PM

Pearland Cycling Club and Space City Cycling Club might have rides those days. You can also check my website for the event calendar as well as a listing of clubs. Enjoy Texas.

Ronno6 07-16-13 05:28 AM

Excellent. Thanks!

donalson 07-21-13 11:30 PM

as posted above... the space city cycling club will have a group for you on sat mornings... I've ridden with em a time or so.. but being up at 7:30 am on a saturdy sucks lol...

they also have a few rides though the week... if you facebook join up on their group.

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