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rgilliam2004 07-28-13 09:32 AM

Sunnyvale Riders - Please learn and USE Cycling Etiquette

To the large group of "cyclist" that was out on Barnes Bridge east of Beltline this morning (Sunday July 28th). I wanted to say thank you so much for almost running me off the road. I was the guy that told the sweepers their "ride leader" needed to give better heads up.

Your ride lead gave no heads up until he was passing me. There was no communication in the group about passing a slower cyclist on the right and several of you jerks cut me off when passing me.

I don't know what riding group this was, but all of you are really poor cyclist. Yeah you go really fast but you have no clue or worst yet, know but don't use any rules for a large group passing a single cyclist.

It is really sad when I have to watch out for other cyclist more than I do car when I ride.


rgilliam2004 07-28-13 10:20 AM

If anyone knows who this group is I would like to talk with the ride managers about this.
Yeah I am pissed off about it because I know and ride with groups that use correct etiquette.

There is no reason for this to have occurred. I know the larger groups get right way because of the danger of slowing quickly within a large group.

DTSCDS 07-29-13 08:10 AM

Yeah, good luck trying to bring about some common courtesy. It's not just Sunnyvale. I usually just pass off bad behavior as they are concentrating soooooooo hard on their riding and are taxing their brain function to the point they can't speak. I don't understand not being considerate of others around you either. It seems like it takes so little effort when I announce that I'm am about to pass someone that I can't figure out why others don't. I suppose it's just one of those things the world may never know.

Glad you weren't wrecked/injured.

StephenH 07-29-13 05:04 PM

Not sure who that would have been. I heard somebody else mention a big clump of riders over on Galloway, probably the same group. PBA's got a couple of Sunday rides, but the ones that show maps don't show that area. I don't think GDB has a Sunday ride in that area. The bike shop in Rockwall doesn't show a Sunday ride.

Behavior like that can be hard to change, too. There may be a ride leader or two, but that doesn't mean everyone rides the way they'd like for them to. But if you can get all the local bike riders to ride the way you want them to, then start in on car drivers.

bjtesch 07-29-13 06:13 PM

I've seen this kind of thing before with big groups. On some occasions it was not the leader's fault, your situation might have been different. I think a large group is sort of like a car pulling a big trailer- the car can cleanly go around things but the trailer can still hit them. Sometimes the people in the group are working hard to hang on and not watching where the group is going.

Creakyknees 08-07-13 08:52 PM

Post the name of the road, direction traveling, and rough time. I bet we can figure out which group. My first guess is "the South Ride" which is infamous as a no -rules street race.

barrykai 10-04-13 09:08 PM

Did you ever find out who it was?

rgilliam2004 11-29-13 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by barrykai (Post 16133816)
Did you ever find out who it was?

I never did but just let it go. Was really pissed off when this happened and vented here and another site. I ride out there a lot and there are many others that are great about using the correct etiquette.

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