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Minnesota Expat 09-01-13 09:32 PM

Need someone or a group to ride with on north side of San Antonio
Hey All,

I try to ride 3-4 times a week (10-20 miles at about 17mph), mostly along the 1604 frontage roads and FM 1863 from Hwy 281 to New Braunfels. I need to step it up (and be safer!) and ride with someone. Shoot me an email or post here.


texbiker 09-01-13 09:56 PM

Check the San Antonio Wheelmen and the San Antonio Cycling Club. They have websites with rides.

godeacs 09-03-13 09:29 PM

Please be careful..those are some dangerous roads you ride on.....dangerous for cars, let alone cyclists...

Minnesota Expat 09-04-13 08:34 PM

Thanks Texbiker. I'll take a look.

Agree godeacs. But, I've found the frontage roads lightly traveled (in the mornings. I get a lot of weekdays off), nice rolling hills with 1-2 mile long reaches between crossroads, and nice wide paved shoulders. Of course, the downside are the aesthetics of Hwy 1604. Also, the asphalt is very rough. I'm sure it's wearing on the tires and I've had a puncture.

Also, Smithson Valley Road north to FM 1863 and then to New Braunfels. Yes, there is traffic, but it was light from 8:00am to 10:00am on Labor Day. There is also a paved shoulder, although only 1-2 feet wide. Some nice long flat stretches and some real good hills on Smithson! I was in some serious pain on the return! Also I passed (and was passed by) going the other way at least 20 riders.

turkey9186 10-06-13 05:15 PM

We will probably only ride one more week, but I have been riding with VeloValero on Wednesday nights starting from May's Elementary on Chase Hill Blvd at 5:45. Nice 24ish mile ride out Old Boerne Stage Road and Scenic Boulevard. They also do another Wednesday ride from Bullis County park that is slower and flatter. There are also Saturday rides in the area, although next weekend we are all riding the MS150. They are a corporate team, but welcome outsiders. Check out :

Minnesota Expat 10-07-13 11:00 PM

Jerry, Thanks for the tip. Good web site with lot's of info, rides and maps. Brent

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