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RFEngineer 09-07-13 01:55 PM

Best Fitter near San Antonio?
Any opinions on great bike fitters in and around San Antonio? I am in need of some fitting help. Thanks!

texbiker 09-07-13 08:06 PM wrote a blog post about his fit experiences in San Antonio.

Werkin 09-07-13 08:56 PM

Perhaps a different article? McAllen is a long way from San Antonio.

Whether Joe is the best or not is debatable, Joe Van Arsdall @ . If you want motion capture etc., or have thin skin, go elsewhere.

Bandera 09-08-13 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Werkin (Post 16042237)
If you want motion capture etc., or have thin skin, go elsewhere.


Interesting how SAT has two one-man shop curmudgeons, Joe & Hank in Helotes.

I've never availed myself of any fitting from either but both are quality wrenches. Hank has forgotten more about C&V than most will learn in a lifetime and Joe has been precise and prompt on the jobs he has done on my bikes that I lacked the tools to do myself. I wouldn't let anyone other than these two very different gents touch my equipment, YMMV.

Joe does run a cycling team out of his shop and is up on the latest doo-dads. When I see his team riders on the road, usually as they pass me with a polite "on your left", they look solid and squared away on the bike.


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