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AusTexMurf 09-08-13 06:49 PM

31st Annual Austin Moonlight Cruze Bike Ride! Sep 22, 2013 1:45am
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It's finally September, the weather is cooling (a bit, anyways), the full moon is coming, and you know what that means ... it's time to cruze in the 31st Annual Austin Moonlight Cruze Bike Ride!
If you only make one bike ride this year ... make this one! (But really, if you only make one bike ride a year -- you should try to get out more. But I digress ...)
This is the best ride of the year, bar none! This is the ride where you want to bring your tall bike, your freak bike, wear a costume, etc. There's typically hundreds of riders of all different abilities, and the route is fixed, so don't worry about not being able to keep up -- now matter how fast you are, there will almost certainly be somebody else with you.
Depending on how you look at it, this ride is either the night of Saturday, September 21st, or the morning of Sunday, September 22nd -- either way, at 1:45am.
Whichever way you prefer to think of it, be at the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge no later than 2 am, and we roll out at about 2:10 to 2:20 am.
The route can be found here:
As always, ride at your own risk, and having lights, water and enough equipment to change a flat tire is a good idea.
The schedule for upcoming full moon rides, both monthly and annual, can be found at
Event flyer by Brian Berzer
Post by DougMC

Let's have a moment of silence for all those austinites who are currently sitting in traffic on the way to the gym to ride a stationary bicycle.

dougmc 09-17-13 11:33 AM

Beat me to it!

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