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Roobay_today 09-29-13 03:50 PM

Best Specialized Bike shop in Houston?
I live in Magnolia, North of Houston and have supported BikeBarn (cypress) in bike and gear purchases since I started riding two year ago. I have never liked them. The warranty work I have needed in the past has been a chore to get accomplished. When I bought my first bike they did not do the little things like seat adjust or any advice, it was just basic here is your bike where is my money, and they just have poor attitudes in general.

Good Lord willing I might get a new Spec Roubaix expert. With this new purchase I think it is time to change what company I support. Looking for advise as to how you guys feel about different shops in the area. I have narrowed it down to three: Bikeland in the Woodlands, Daniel Boone, West end Bicycles.
Of course I plan to visit all to get a feel for which I could have a better experience at, yet I would like your input on these or others i left out.

Thanks and Gig em

the sci guy 09-29-13 05:29 PM

I'm new to Houston, but I've already decided West End will be my go-to bike shop home. Went there to check out some Surlys as they are I think the only stocking dealer. The guys were great. I talked to Scott - he listened to me, gave me a lot of info, let me ride the bike twice no questions asked. I haven't bought it yet (waiting for a few pay checks), but I told him I'd be back to get one, and I will. I even told him I wasn't looking to buy that day and he said no problem and still helped me as much as he could.
They have a great selection of other biking necessities as well.
Can't wait to give them more of my business.

Haven't been to the others (the woodlands is like a hour away for me), so I can't compare.

texbiker 09-29-13 08:30 PM

I don't have any personal experience with Bikeland. I used to go to Daniel Boone when I worked east of downtown but that was 1988. West End has a great reputation but I have not been there.

Roobay_today 09-29-13 09:04 PM

Welcome to Houston. That's what I'm reading about west end, it's just further away, as the woodlands is 20 min away, yet I will gladly drive to west end if it truly is the best.

MDfive21 09-30-13 10:09 AM

i drive to boone cycles from the galleria to have my bianchi worked on. give them a try.

i would use them or bikesport for mech work.

Roobay_today 10-01-13 01:51 PM

I do not think Bikesport has Specialized. Not sure if that matters.

MDfive21 10-03-13 02:03 PM

they're not a Specialized dealer but i was happy with the work they did on my bianchi. they're not a bianchi dealer either. it's just a solid shop.

Bluechip 10-14-13 10:11 AM

The Cypress Bike Barn is my closest shop and use them occasionally. They're not the most helpful shop but I don't ask of much. When I've come in because I can't get a bottom bracket off they stopped what they were doing and got it off for me. Other than that kind of stuff they are just ok. They always say that they can get a certain bike in quickly but it's usually easier to head to their bigger shops. You might try the Weslyn Bikebarn, it's their flagship store. They stock a lot more bikes and items there. They were very helpful in finding a bike for my 5' wife. She test rode several models with different component choices. They took the time to get her set up on all of the bikes she tested including a stem swaps.

I hate to say that I don't have a favorite LBS anymore. Northwest Cyclery used to be great but has gone seriously down hill the last 10 years or so. Boone has a good reputation but I never really liked it. When I lived nearby it was mostly a high end shop and I had a low end budget. WestEnd is a MTB shop. I am not sure they actually do road bikes.

Good luck!

Roobay_today 10-14-13 11:12 AM

Thanks for the replies, My wife and I stopped at Daniel Boone Cycles on our way home this weekend and we loved it. They took time to talk to us even though he knew i was not buying that day. Very knowledgable and no pressure from a commission type salesman. I was impressed with the great selection. I think I have found my LBS.

dshart08 10-30-13 01:09 AM

I have dealt with West End and they are very helpful with great attitudes. My experience with Bike Barn on Weslyan has been great also. Most of the guys there were very knowledgable and seemed to be always willing to help even before I was ready to purchase.

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