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the sci guy 11-21-13 11:48 AM

Other MUPs/trails in the Houston area besides GBP/THP
So I'd like to try riding some of the other trails/MUPs that are more towards the downtown area like the Heights, Columbia Tap, Buffalo and Brays Bayou trails. But I've read that some of them are kind of sketchy and unsafe.
Also I've never driven downtown or even really close to downtown so I would need to know where to park safely to hop on some of these trails. The Brays Bayou one looks pretty long, but it seems to originate down near Sharpstown which is sketch-city.

Any help/info is appreciated!

bkj 11-21-13 03:02 PM

You could ride to the western end of the Brays Bayou trail if you wanted or drive and park in a shopping center near Gessner, then ride past the med center all the way to MacGregor park and back. It's a nice ride and you won't have any problems on the trail. The Columbia Tap has had some bad times lately. I haven't been on it since the kids were attacking cyclists, it's too bad, I used to ride it all the time. I'd go with a friend or 2 but not alone just yet.

Or drive to Memorial park and ride to downtown, then circle north on the Heights trails & if you're motivated, take TC Jester all the way north then back to your car.

The trails are safe and fun.

bkj 11-21-13 03:07 PM

Also try riding Brays to Hermann Park, north into downtown (this avoids the Columbia Tap if you're alone) then back west along Buffalo Bayou. There are easy routes south through River Oaks and West U to get back to the Brays trail. This route would pass my house (near San Felipe and Weslayan). I'd be happy to be your tour guide, there's a lot of great things to see.

the sci guy 11-21-13 04:32 PM

Ha I might take you up on that. We've only lived here for a few months and live way out by GBP/Eldridge area. I don't know any of the roads inside the inner loop. In fact the closest to downtown I've been is West End Bikes, and the Galleria.

As I look at google maps, would you suggest I park in the Fiesta parking lot at the corner of Gessner and Braeswood? Is it all paved? That looks like one I'd tackle first since it seems pretty straightforward.

How's the W White Oak trail that goes along TC Jester for a ways up northward? I don't think I've noticed that one before.

Parking at Memorial Park also looks good. Do you just follow Memorial Drive/sidewalk before you reach the Buffalo Bayou area where it becomes its own path again?

memebag 11-21-13 08:55 PM

I live near the Brays Bayou trail. I've been along the whole thing, but I don't spend a lot of time in the western end of it. I start at Hillcroft and take it to Hermann Park. From there I often ride up to the Buffalo Bayou trail. None of those neighborhoods are too sketchy for me.

i used to ride the Columbia Tap a lot, but quit when all of the attacks were happening. I need to do it again just to reclaim it.

I've also continued on Brays over to U of H. There are some big gaps in it just east of a Hermann Park, and the part that runs through MacGregor Park was closed every time I've done that.

Getting in and out of Memorial Park has been problematic for me. Memorial Drive is not bike friendly. Maybe I just don't know the right route.

bkj 11-22-13 08:51 AM

The Fiesta at Gessner/Braeswood is a good starting place. The Brays Bayou trail is paved to Calhoun at MacGregor park, but you'll have to change sides every now & then. There & back to your car is a good ride. Later you would explore Hermann Park, Med Center & Rice U and north into downtown.

The Heights Trail continuing to TC Jester is best explored on a separate trip, park downtown and start under I-10 at UH Downtown. You have to get a little creative at W 7th & Shepherd to get to The White Oak trail at W 11th, but it's doable. Keep going west at Shepherd through the grass and follow the bayou, turn right into the townhouse parking area and you'll go north on Worthshire to reach W 11th. From there it's paved until the end at Antoine. Turn around there. Oh - I forgot. The trail is closed at 610 but the roads are fine or go overland for a while.

Memorial Park - park along N Picnic Lane by the softball fields. You might see the S Picnic Lane loop (which is roadie training grounds on weekday evenings) but stay closer to Memorial Drive. You'll have a path from there east to downtown, except for the unfortunate 1 mile sidewalk portion from Crestwood to Shepherd. Watch out at the Starbucks near Detering. There will be other bikes & joggers. Most everyone knows that it's a crowded spot and watches out for others, so you'll be OK, just watch out.

the sci guy 11-22-13 09:13 AM

awesome! thanks.

perfect timing with the weather this weekend, right? *shakes fist*

my parents are coming in for thanksgiving on wednesday so looks like i might have to wait until after thanksgiving weekend to try some of these rides.

AusTexMurf 11-24-13 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by the sci guy (Post 16268517)
awesome! thanks.

perfect timing with the weather this weekend, right? *shakes fist*

my parents are coming in for thanksgiving on wednesday so looks like i might have to wait until after thanksgiving weekend to try some of these rides.

Take them with you…...

the sci guy 11-24-13 07:30 PM

they're flying from central NY. and i don't think renting & riding bikes is high on their list of things to do anyway :lol:

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