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Sharpshin 11-25-13 08:16 AM

Good bike shops in Austin?
I know REI and I know the Ozone bike shop on Guadalupe.

Must be a bunch I'm missing, any LBS names would be appreciated.


George 11-25-13 09:03 AM

Bicycle Sport Shop.

texbiker 11-25-13 12:17 PM

For a list of LBS's check this link out at

AusTexMurf 12-05-13 10:24 AM

Not sure where you are in town….
Good list posted below.
In general:
ATX Bikes
Bicycle Sport Shop

East Side Pedal Pushers
Longhorn Bikes


Austin Bike Farm
Bicycle Sport Shop
Buck's Bikes

Mellow Johnny's

Link to, here: Comprehensive List

AusTexMurf 12-07-13 07:34 PM

And world class recumbent shop...

GlassKnees 01-01-14 12:57 PM

I bought my ICE Vortex there - the owner, Mike, is very knowledgeable.

GlassKnees 01-01-14 12:59 PM

Mellow Johnny's is a shrine to Lance Armstrong. I won't set foot in there.

A10K 01-02-14 07:38 PM

Nor will most transportational cyclists.

There's a few new ones that have opened on the East side, to add to AusTexMurf's list:
Windmill Bicycles: They've got a few Fairdale bikes and similar cruisers.
Division 1 Bicycles: Automated tube vending machines outside, fanciest bikes on the East side inside
Fast Folks (not actually new)

University Cyclery
The Peddler

dougmc 02-04-14 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by GlassKnees (Post 16373141)
Mellow Johnny's is a shrine to Lance Armstrong. I won't set foot in there.

Well, then you'll miss out on some of the highest prices in town!

That said, I'd strongly suggest making an exception for their "Mellow Swap" which is usually the first Saturday in November. Some really great deals there, and since it's outside in the parking lot, you might be able to convince yourself that it doesn't count as "setting foot in there".

A10K 02-10-14 08:58 AM

Come to think of that I've actually been to a Mellow Swap a few years back, got some good stuff there too (factory seconds pannier) Thanks for reminding me!

Wannacycle99 02-23-14 09:38 AM

Rei in round rock ( tony, chuck and tim) they were grea
and aj's cycle ray on Parmer lane at intersection of lake line blvd( Ben) he was great too!

Zero7 03-04-14 02:20 PM

Southwest CycleSport in Bee Cave (NW Austin). Ridiculously good service, good prices and a ton of bike experience. They are the only guys that work on my bikes.


sambeezie 03-05-14 04:11 PM

The Pedaler on North Loop is a nice LBS that can take care of transportational cyclists. Michael at Waterloo Cycles on Fruth (UT area) has a lot of old parts and can turn repairs around quickly (Pedaler is also good about this--a plus if you've actually ridden the bike in for tweaking). A great way to see a lot of area shops is to attend the monthly Frankenbike swap meets--often hosted at various LBS sites.

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