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10 Wheels 11-27-13 10:24 AM

Texas Record
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Dear Dex,

Congratulations! Your record is now officially certified by Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) as follows:

Dex Tooke, 63, Del Rio, Texas
Standard Bike
Texas, North-South (long route)
Using previously established endpoints
Nov 11-13, 2013
2 Days 16 Hrs 32 Min (2:16:32)
873.2 Miles
13.53 mph average speed Officials: Doug Hoffman, Daniel Sanchez
Crew: Joni Tooke, Kalleen Whitford, Kevin Jones, Leah Folsom

Note: This is an EPIC ride! Simply riding within Texas is longer than from Atlanta to New York City!
Also, this is the first solo record on the Texas North-South Long Route, with only an existing team record on this route. Texas, due to its unique geography, has two sets of North-South endpoints and two sets of east-West endpoints.

memebag 11-27-13 01:24 PM


Jamesw2 11-28-13 03:19 AM

Congratulations Dex Epic and inspiring accomplishment

David Marfas 12-10-13 05:35 PM

wow very impressive

airwulf 12-20-13 07:10 AM

Great job, Dex.

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