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the sci guy 12-24-13 11:54 PM

Anyone else going to the Bowl game this week? How do I get to Reliant Stadium? Park?
Pretty awesome luck Syracuse is playing their bowl game here in Houston - considering we are Syracuse natives! I snagged tickets to the lame bowl game this Friday at Reliant Stadium. We got tickets on the 3rd level (cause they were cheaper) but they are smack on the 50 yard line, so I'm happy about that. Looking forward to it!

But, this will be my first time going anywhere on that side of town. What's the best way to get to the stadium from the Dairy Ashford Rd./Eldridge area? Where is the best place to park? By best I mean the most safe, and cheapest. I don't mind walking a tad, as long as I'm not mugged or robbed paying for a spot.

Appreciate any help!


texbiker 12-25-13 08:45 AM

Check with Metro to see if they will operate any shuttles. Otherwise park at the stadium, not cheap but it is close.

AusTexMurf 12-25-13 10:01 AM

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The arrival of METRORail brings a new era of transportation to Houston. It's a fast, convenient and safe way to travel between Downtown,Midtown, the Museum District, the Texas Medical Center, Reliant Park and the South Fannin Park & Ride Lot. With frequent service and the capacity to carry up to 400 passengers per trip, METRORail will help cut through congestion in these heavily traveled areas.
METRORail is a transportation option for *Reliant Park events*. Trains run every 12 minutes and the cost of riding the train is only $1.25 each way. For complete information on schedules, parking areas and buying tickets, please visit
METRORail Map (Click to Open PDF)

the sci guy 12-27-13 09:06 AM

is there a way to know if the roof will be open tonight or not?

MDfive21 12-27-13 11:58 AM

my standard MO when attending Reliant games is to go south on Kirby from 610, take the first right and park on the street. believe me, you do NOT want to be in that parking lot when the game ends. getting out of the lot will take longer (and be a lot more stressful) than it takes to walk down Kirby to your car.


the sci guy 12-27-13 11:25 PM

Had a great time at the game. Getting to the stadium was easy. Traffic was a non-issue because the stadium probably wasn't a quarter full I'd estimate. Parked right in the main lot out front side of the stadium and was out in less than 4 minutes over kirby to south main street. And Syracuse pulled out a win in a great 4 th quarter.

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