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bigworm 01-07-14 03:51 PM

Route Help...THP from GBP
Can anyone tell me how to get to Terry Hershey Park from George Bush Park the safest way? I live in Katy and like to ride the park with my girlfriend from Fry Rd. to the spill way. She doesn't like riding on the roads and looking for a longer route. Thought if I could get to THP we could add a lot of miles.

Any help would be appreciated.


txags92 01-07-14 04:37 PM

If you ride the bike path from fry road @ highland knolls past the big parking lot in the middle of the park then northward to where it ends at a dead end road, take the road north over the levee and turn right on the first road after the levee. You will go back onto a path right by the Constable's Annex and can follow that all the way around to where it parallels Hwy 6. Where the path forks near the parking lot along Hwy 6, take the left hand fork and follow the path around and under Hwy 6 and that will put you onto the THP trail and you can ride all the way to BW8 if you want.

Follow the gray line on this map:

FWIW, just riding the GBP path from Fry Road to Hwy 6 @ Briar Forest and back is about 24 miles. The THP portion has more woods and shade, but is not as smooth and is much more crowded with walkers, runners, and folks walking pets. I prefer to stick to the GBP portion of the trail when I am riding just to avoid all the pedestrians.

the sci guy 01-07-14 10:55 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Attached is basically the full route you can do on GBP and THP. I usually do GBP from one of the lots on HWY 6 all the way out to where Rudy's is on I-10 frontage road (the end of the Mason Creek greenway. I have to cross Fry Rd at the end of GBP and go through the little park they have there before it hooks up with the Mason Creek path, but I'm sure you've done all that.

I did this route on new year's day, came in at a total of 47.3 miles.

The easiest, well, really, only, way to get to THP from GBP is to hang a left off the main straight path that parallels HWY 6 at the spillway, and follow it. It will take you right up to the HWY 6 bridge, cross it, then loop back around underneath and bam, you're in THP. Follow it all the way to the beltway if you like - which is what I did on the attached map. I also did the extension that you can get to from the parking lot on Memorial - that's what the little hook is at the middle top of the route.

I'm assuming that means you know that when you reach the gates at the north end of the long straightaway through the center of GBP, that you just stay on the road, go past the apartment complexes on the right, and hang a right onto the access road that leads you right to the northern stretch of GBP that parallels I-10.

txtags is right though, THP has a tendency to be jammed on nicer weekends. During the day on a weekday though it's a breeze. However the condition of the path leaves much to be desired. Watch out for cracks, crevasses, and ripples from roots that would knock the wheels of a Semi. There's an especially terrible stretch of it between Kirkland and Wilcrest, with an especially terrible part right before Wilcrest (heading east), and when you're coming back just after you've come up the hill after going under Wilcrest and you're rolling down...BAM into freaking death roots.

Hope this helps.

Maybe I'll see you out there!

PS - I love riding the Mason Creek path from Fry Rd to I-10 frontage because it's SO SMOOTH! (and all the racing roadies stop when they get to Fry Rd and then turn around and go back to GBP, so it's so wide open!)

the sci guy 01-14-14 02:33 PM

so did you do it?

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