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cvitalos 01-28-14 09:00 AM

Commuting conditions around Irving / Las Colinas TX
Hi, I have an upcoming business trip in the Irving TX / Las Colinas area next week. I thinking about packing up my Dahon folding bike for commuting. I was initially all energized to do this, but now for some reason, I find myself hesitant. Odd because I did it a few years ago without a major incident.

I'll be traveling around the Lake Carolyn area, up and down Riverside Drive and east / west on Royal Lane. Anyone out there familiar with that area as of late?

Creakyknees 01-28-14 09:39 AM

roughly... those streets are multilane and can get busy during rush hour but other times are fine for cycling. Also check into the Campion trail visible on google maps if you turn on the "bicycling" feature

bjtesch 01-28-14 07:49 PM

I ride that area frequently and generally it is fine except at rush hour. The Campion trail is a good alternative between Las Colinas and Royal Lane, depending on where you are going on Royal Lane.

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