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tcs 03-13-14 07:57 AM

Dallas: bikeshare
I predicted Muleshoe would get a 'bikeshare' system before Dallas, but no:

Dallas poised to move forward with bike share program at Fair Park | Dallas Morning News

Dallas parks board approves Fair Park bike share | Dallas Morning News

After moving away the art museum, the symphony, the Age of Steam museum, the Science Museum, the opera and the Cotton Bowl game, closing the IMAX theater, the planetarium, the Women's Museum and a summer carnival and running off an automobile museum, Dallas is left eleven months a year with a beautiful ghost town called Fair Park.

So they've decided to misappropriate some transportation money to set up a little two-station, 20-bike 'attraction' in Fair Park.

Many commentators have pointed out this will be problematic for a number of reasons (including Dallas' mandatory helmet law), but as a cyclist myself (which I suspect no one who came up with this plan is), I have to point out: from the Discovery Gardens past the Aquarium and lagoon, around the Big Tex circle (where he won't be 11 months of the year), down the Esplanade to the Vietnam Veterans memorial and back, around Nimitz circle, down to the Swine Building and returning to Discovery Gardens, I make it no more than about one and a half miles. It's a beautiful, pleasant walk, but hardly worth the cost of renting a bike.

My best guess at this point is the the true purpose of this scheme is to give the residents of North Dallas and the Park Cities a convenient place to learn how to work bike share before their next European vacation.

DTSCDS 03-13-14 08:20 AM

But does Muleshoe have a big-ass PVC pipe bridge?

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